10 tips on hanging indoor and outdoor christmas lights

by:ILED     2020-01-03
Christmas is coming, which means you may already be mentally prepared for the task of hanging Christmas lights.
This is a pleasant occasion for the whole family to join, but you should remember something before starting your project.
Christmas lights in the room.
Christmas lights are essential to decorate your home during the festival.
Not only are they from the bland Christmas tree, they can also be used to add a little Merry Christmas to each room. 1.
If you are like most people, your first task is to untangle the Christmas lights.
Maybe when you put them away, it will convince you to be more organized so you don\'t have to suffer next year. 2.
Next, check to make sure your Christmas lights are working properly if there is a light bulb that needs to be replaced.
Also check to make sure the cable itself is not damaged. 3.
Make sure it\'s not far from a power outlet before setting up the tree, or you have an extension cord available. 4.
When the trees are bare, put your lights on the trees because it\'s easier to arrange them without having to browse through all the other decorations and maybe even break something. 5.
If you want to use Christmas lights in other rooms, you can also hang on window frames, door frames, and even wrap around the stair railings.
Decoration can be an extreme sport when hanging outdoor Christmas lights.
A combination of unstable ladders and wet environments can be harmful to your health. 1.
One option to avoid slippery surroundings is to plan ahead and have Christmas lights even from October or November as the weather is still dry.
In this way, all you need to do is deal with unstable ladders and make life harder without a cold, damp surface.
You can open them once the festival begins. 2.
Make sure you have all the tools you need, including hooks or clips, hammers, pliers and extension cords.
Of course, the ladder is also a good idea. 3.
Use special outdoor Christmas lights and heavy duty-
In order to avoid short circuit, the duty extension line
Circuit caused by improper insulation of wires. 4.
Never hang the lights on your own, there will always be someone there to find you when you climb the ladder.
Be sure to put the ladder on a flat surface. 5.
You can hang Christmas lights on the trees and at home, or even in the bushes.
However, if you hang them at home, the best option is to use the plastic clip attached to the ditch so you don\'t damage your house.
Remember, though, that Christmas is not about lights and decorations, but about having a good time with the people you love.
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