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Released by Jo Waters: EDT 17: 27 on September 2, 2013 | update: EDT 17: 27 on September 2, 2013, Rebecca Large has been told that her big brown eyes are her best feature.
Like Hollywood stars Angelina Jolie and Audrey Hepburn, Rebecca\'s eyes are considered beautiful by most people.
However, eye specialists have realized that big eyes are actually a weakness, not an asset, and it will make it easier for people to short-sell --sighted.
This situation is also known as myopia, which causes objects in the distance to appear blurred, and objects in the vicinity can be clearly seen.
This is because the light does not reach the retina properly, the light-
Sensitive areas at the back of the eye.
Experts believe this may be due to the fact that the eyeball grows too large, causing the light to focus on the front of the retina rather than on the retina.
\"It\'s too ironic, it\'s a good thing that people often comment on my big eyes --
But actually, I\'m as blind as a bat, \"says Rebecca, 30, who is an engineer in with her 28-year-old boyfriend.
Rebecca needed glasses when she was 15 years old, and now it\'s seriously inadequate.
The eyesight is normal and the prescription is negative ten (
Perfect Vision is classified as zero).
\"Unless I wear glasses, if I lift it in front of me, I can\'t see any further than my hand,\" she said . \".
\"I can\'t wear contact lenses or get a corrective laser surgery because I still have another condition where my eye muscles are weak, which means I have to take a lot more risk in my life than I thought.
\"I can\'t swim very far because I don\'t look good enough without glasses and an expert suggested not to try bungee jumping because of my short legs
Vision puts a higher risk of tearing my retina. \'Short-
Vision is on the rise in the UK, and it is now estimated that as many people have vision.
One possible explanation is that our eyeballs are getting bigger and bigger because we spend more time indoors.
Our early lack of outdoor light led to an increase in the size of our eyeballs.
But the bigger the eyeball, the more likely a person is to be short --
Andy Luff explained that he is an eye consultant surgeon at Optegra, a chain of private eye hospitals.
Although big eyes must look beautiful, the truth is that if your eyes are slightly too big, it will cause your eyesight to drop.
If the eyeball is too large, the light focused by the eye lens does not reach the back of the retina, where the image is processed.
If the eye is 1mm longer than 24 (
Average size from front to back)
A person will be very short. sighted.
2 to 5mm of the average time will make you very short. sighted.
Dr. Luff explained that in the past, we thought the eyes were too big and short.
Vision loss due to genetic factors.
Although genetics is still the most important reason behind short selling
Another possible reason is the lack of outdoor light.
This is a preventable cause that can be solved during childhood.
Our eyes usually get bigger in their 20 s.
Ideally they no longer grow in the right size and have the perfect field of view, but they will be short if they grow too big --
Have vision, they will be long time if they don\'t grow enough
Have vision and can\'t see things at close range.
Dr. Luff said that some children may have too big eyes before the age of five.
We now know that if there is no outdoor light in the eyes, they will become bigger than they need, he added.
Rebecca believes that too much time she spent indoors when she was young may be the reason for her poor eyesight because neither of her parents is short --sighted.
As an academic child, she spent several years studying archaeology and anthropology before studying at Oxford University.
She said that I read a lot of books and learned a lot when I was a child.
\"I love history and evolution, I read a lot from 10 years old to high school and would rather stay indoors than play outdoors.
More and more evidence supports the theory that the lack of outdoor time may have led to her brief --sightedness.
A review by the University of Cambridge in 2011 found that every additional hour per week, the risk of a short period of time
Vision dropped by 2%.
A review of studies involving 10,000 children and adolescents found that,
Children with normal vision cost an average of 3.
Outdoor activities take 7 hours a week less than normal or long periods of sightsightedness.
Another study led by Dr. Catherine Sanders, reader of Visual Science at Ulster University, found that children in Northern Ireland are three times more likely to be short than the former
Better eyesight than Australian children
She believes that this may be due to the protection of the sunny southern climate.
Dr. Sanders said that, as far as we know, all the other factors between these children are equal.
\"The time spent outdoors in the sun may be the reason for the short time
Great differences in vision.
\"But how does it change the shape of the eye when exposed to light?
Dr. Sanders suggested that natural light in the eye triggers a biological switch to prevent the eye from getting bigger.
However, the intensity of artificial light is not enough to flick the switch.
She explained that the hypothesis is that exposure to outdoor light increases the amount of a natural chemical called Retina dopamine in the eye.
This chemical inhibits eye growth.
So the light stops the eyes from getting bigger and shorter. sighted.
She added: \"short-term pop
Myopia is increasing, and it happens so fast that it is impossible to rely on genes alone. \'Short-
However, myopia is not only inconvenient --
Its various forms increase the risk of other eye diseases, some of which can even lead to blindness. \'Short-
Myopia also puts you at a higher risk of other eye diseases, including tear and shedding of the retina, glaucoma and amd, Mr Luff said.
The risk of tearing or shedding of the retina is considered to be higher, as jelly within the eyeball is more likely to contract and pull away from the back of the eyeball, damaging the retina.
Why a large eye increases the risk of glaucoma and amd is unknown.
He added that light only changes the shape of our eyeballs when we were young --
When we are in our teens, the size of the eye is fixed.
Once the eyes are fully grown --
Usually in your 20 s
Spending more time outdoors has no effect on whether you are short or notsighted or not.
If we can help prevent shortages
It is a good thing to suggest that parents encourage their children to play more outside and expose themselves to the sun.
People with small eyes tend to be long
Because the light is focused behind the retina, it is difficult to see objects at close range clearly.
But this is largely genetic.
Too much outdoor light won\'t make your eyes too long
Mr. Luff said he had vision.
Short, he added
People with vision seem to be more prone to complications than those with long-term illnesssighted.
\"We have seen more issues related to eye health in the short term --
\"There is vision, so it is worth doing everything to prevent this,\" he explained . \".
However, Dr. Susan Blakney, a clinical consultant at the Academy of Optometrists, said there may be other factors that may lead to a decline in our vision as a result of our increasingly indoor lifestyle.
\"We still don\'t know what protection the time spent outside has for the short term --sightedness -
It may be the sun, the brightness of the light, or it may be that the objects you pay attention to are often farther away from the outdoors.
Dr Bernard Chang, vice president of the Royal Academy of Ophthalmology, added that while most people are short --
People with normal vision will have big eyes and they will not always look big on their faces, because most of the eyeballs are invisible and behind the eye socket.
Andy Loff said that the color of the eyes and the shape of the eyelids will also affect how big a person\'s eyes look.
In rare cases
The curve of the cornea will also lead to myopia (
Transparent part of the front of the eye)
Too steep.
Rebecca Large just wants her to know the importance of outdoor activities to prevent short-term activities
Vision when young
If I knew what was going to happen in the future, she said, I would definitely spend more time playing outside than spending so much time studying books indoors.
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