5 smart tech items that save you money -- and 5 that don\'t

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While consumption is often considered the opposite of saving, sometimes you should spend money to save money.
That said, spending wisely on projects that will cost you today will save you more in the long run. [
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No need for skim leaks on daily latte. ]
Continue reading smart technology purchases that will save you money ---
Those won\'t.
The smart thermostat saves you money on 5 smart technology products.
If you don\'t have one yet and you have your own place, the smart thermostat is one of the best tech products to spend money on.
Remote control via Wi
Fi and smart scheduling are the two most important money --
Energy saving function of intelligent thermostat.
If used correctly, the smart thermostat can save hundreds of dollars by optimizing the heating and cooling schedule to better match your daily life. LED bulbs.
Those are energy stars.
Only one qualified use
According to U. S. data, incandescent lamps use 25 quarters of energy. S.
Department of Energy.
However, because the purchase cost of the LED bulb is much higher, switching to the LED is the best option for the room you use frequently.
In general, if you use a bulb for more than one to two hours a day, it is worth switching from an incandescent lamp to an LED bulb. Ceiling fans.
Ceiling fans are much more energetic.
More efficient than air conditioning.
These savings are so huge that in many cases ceiling fans will pay for themselves in less than a year.
In fact, according to the US, ceiling fans will allow you to increase the thermostat setting at home by about 4 degrees without affecting your comfortS.
Department of Energy.
You can increase your savings by using a built-in fanin energy-
If you don\'t have the energy yet, efficient LED light fixtures-
Efficient lighting. [
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The smart plug allows you to activate or deactivate any device remotely or on a programmable schedule.
For example, when you are away, you can arrange for the light to be lit at the preset time.
You can also set up the humidifier by schedule using the smart plug.
The more expensive smart plug can be remotely activated or deactivated, providing greater flexibility in managing electrical equipment while you are away. Energy-
Efficient space heater.
Historically, electric space heaters have been an expensive way of heating because electricity is one of the more costly ways to warm a house.
However, if you have to use an energy source, it might be worth it to convert it into an energy source --
Efficient space heater.
Modern devices combine functions such as thermostats and timers to be more efficient.
5 Solar calculators for smart tech products that don\'t save you money.
The charging hassle and minimum cost savings of the solar calculator make it a technical project that won\'t save you any money in the long run. Battery-
Electric calculator is very energy efficient
Efficient and economicaleffective.
Their batteries have been in use for many years and the replacement batteries are usually cheap AA or AAA sizes.
The solar calculator can save a few dollars in battery costs every few years, but the hassle of keeping the charge is unlikely to be worth saving.
After all, most of us barely use calculators outdoors on sunny days. New smartphone
It\'s always fun and exciting to upgrade to a new phone.
After a few days, however, novelty disappears, and payments tend to last for years.
At the current level of mobile technology, most of the latest model improvements are incremental.
A better camera or a little more storage space is unlikely to make the new phone better in actual use.
You may want to skip a few models and upgrade your phone every three years instead of every year. [
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Rent a router or modem.
Over time, the regular cost of renting a router or modem from your internet service provider can cost hundreds of dollars.
This device may be an important source of profit for internet service providers, but you\'re usually better off buying your own router instead of paying rent per month. High-End the HDMI cable.
HDMI is the standard for digital transmission, and expensive HDMI cables often do not get better images on cheap HDMI cables.
No matter the number of HDMI or zero, the picture will not be reduced.
Therefore, the image quality of the expensive $200 HDMI cable is the same as the image quality of the $10 cable. In-
Dash GPS navigation and traffic subscription.
In many advanced cars, in-
Dash GPS navigation is an expensive option that costs hundreds or even thousands of dollars in front when you buy a car.
You often have to pay extra for subscribing to internal traffic information
GPS navigation equipment. In-
Dash GPS Navigation is a waste of money because there is free navigation software on modern smartphones.
In addition, traffic information is usually included in the phone
Navigation-based, saves you more than internal navigationdash unit.
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