a look at maglite led conversion kits

by:ILED     2020-03-05
Today, Maglite improves their torch range by introducing a range with LED bulbs.
However, if you are the one who currently has a traditional Maglite but doesn\'t want to spend money on replacing it with a newer model.
Then this is the type to consider buying the Maglite LED conversion kit for you.
However, you need to be very careful when purchasing a conversion kit that allows you to change the traditional Maglite to LED Maglite.
Unfortunately, some of the kits on the market can be affordable, but they can actually cause your torch warranty to be invalid.
But when it comes to converting your Maglite from a traditional bulb to an LED bulb, there are some third party kits that are worth considering.
Let\'s take a look at what these are. Kit 1 -
Tektitetehis specific kit applies not only to Solitaire Maglite, but also to kits that contain \"AA\" or \"aaa\" cells.
All you have to do is replace the current bulb in your Maglite with the Nichia LED bulb that comes with this kit. Kit 2 -
TerraluxThis specific conversion kit contains 3 W luxon LED bulbs for Maglite with rechargeable batteries.
Replacing the current bulb with the new LED bulb in this kit takes only a few seconds.
Note, however, that this is a kit and if there is any problem after the bulb is installed, it may cause the warranty of the torch to be invalid.
Also, after installing the bulb, you will find that the flashlight is not lit after it is turned on, because the pins on the bulb are not in the correct position.
Usually, this problem can be solved quickly by rotating the bulb 180 degrees. Kit 3 -
OpalecThis specific kit is designed for conversion mini
From having incandescent lamps to Mag with LED bulbs.
In this kit there is an LED module and a boost power supply.
In addition to the 3 white LEDs, there is also an LED indicator that will notify you when the battery is low.
In addition, the kit includes a scratch-proof adapter sleeve and a replacement lens.
The proper way to check this special Maglite LED conversion kit requires you to unscrew the flashlight head and remove the bulb.
Gently pull out the bulb with your finger to do this.
If you find that after removing the bulb, the black plastic piece has two holes next to the hole in which the bulb is located, then the kit will not work.
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