adata launches 16 million color aura led bulbs.

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TAIPEI, Taiwan, January 29, 2015--(PR. com)--ADATA[R]
Technology, a leading high
Performance DRAM modules, NAND flash products, and LED lighting products are released today with aura rgb internal lighting bulbs.
The aura rgb bulbs display more than 16 million different colors and up to 64 bulbs can be configured via Bluetooth 4.
0 Meshtechnology using ADATA\'s free downloadable app.
ADATA\'s AURARGB bulb is the perfect match for homeowners and small business owners who want to choose from millions of colors while being able to adjust the warmth and brightness of the bulb at a distance of nearly 2000 metres.
Link your Bluetooth with ADATA\'s free RGB bulb app-
Use Bluetooth mesh technology to support smartphones with up to 64 bulbs.
Each aura led bulb contains a powerful Bluetooth 4.
0 Mesh wirelesstransmitter gives you full color control over long distances.
Connect a single bulb 30 metres apart from each other.
Form a network of light bulbs almost up to 2000 m!
Easily use your smartphone or tablet to control halo lights in your office, home or small business without having to buy expensive bridges or routers with other RGB bulb providers as needed.
16 million colors to choose from, and you can use it to pass the natural warm glow of the sunrise, or the melancholy tones of dusk with different brightness, the Halo RGB bulb will not stop.
Access the full red/green/blue of light using the free AURA app from ADATA (RGB)color spectrum.
By combining 256 variants of each RGB color, you can create more than 16 million color combinations to match each of your emotions.
Configure a light bulb in your home office to provide a dim blue ideal with a stable concentration.
For ease of reading, arrange another set of Halo bulbs to bring the warmth of the Sunrise into your living room.
Kids can use this app in their game study and enjoy intense blues, hot red, dark green or 16 million other colors while playing on the computer!
The energy saving of aura rgb bulbs for home, office and small business ADATA combines the aesthetics of a smooth overall building, not only for the home, but also for youroffice and small business.
Use standard bright colors to match the professional shades of the day office environment.
If you own a restaurant, coffee shop or art gallery, hang multiple Halo bulbs from the suspended ceiling fixture and adjust the brightness and color during an intimate dinner with a drink, or highlight the vivid color of a picture on the wall.
For grouping or personal wireless control of up to 64 bulbs, 16 million colors for your home, office or small business, you can enjoy aura rgb bulbs from ADATA
Effective led lighting!
Download the free halo light bulb app from Apple App Store and Google play.
About Lighting ADATA Lighting is a subsidiary of ADATA Technology focusing on led Lighting products.
In addition to providing customers with highquality,eco-
The company also offers friendly, economical and safe LED lighting products
Related OEM/ODM services.
ADATA Lighting provides complete Lighting systems and services with a professional R & D team, advanced optical core technology, comprehensive quality certification and modern certification and testing equipment.
The company has established a complex manufacturing facility, including a research and development center, as well as an improved global customer service center designed to provide the best LED lighting technology for customers around the world.
For more information, please visit our official website: www. adatalighting. com.
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