advantages and disadvantages of leds -

by:ILED     2019-12-24
LED is a modern technology that has made traditional bulbs and fluorescent bulbs the topic of the past.Short for LEDs.LED is an electronic element that glows when the current passes through one direction.The motion of electrons in semiconductor materials causes lighting.Most of the current diodes produce white light, but there are other diodes that produce light of different colors.There are many applications in led technology, such as TV and light bulbs.
LED bulbs have a lot of benefits over other normal bulbs, but it has a lot of drawbacks that can\'t be ignored.

The LED bulb does not contain mercury and will not reduce its functional life by turning it on and off.
The LED light does not contain fragile filaments and tubes.The bulb is heat resistant, cold and shock.
It is more cost-effective because it saves a lot of energy.The bulb burns very cool compared to incandescent lamps.
The bulb begins to fade over time and will not be as bright as when it was first used.
LED lights are not as bright as other bulbs, which is why bulbs are usually recommended for night timeLights, corner lights and side lights.
LED lights are more expensive than traditional lighting.

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