advantages of installing a led bulb in your home

by:ILED     2020-03-13
Sales of LED bulbs have increased significantly in recent years.
LED lighting is not only common in commercial places, but also common in China.
Like traditional bulbs, you will find that there are many types of Led bulbs that can be installed in a variety of different lamps.
Of course, you might want to know what is the benefit of installing such lights at home because they are more expensive than traditional bulbs?
Below, let\'s take a look at some of the advantages of choosing to install this bulb in your home in the future. Advantage 1 -
Unlike traditional LED bulbs, these bulbs have a much longer service life.
If you are willing to invest in good Led bulbs, you will find that these bulbs can provide lighting for about 100,000 hours.
If you really keep these lights on all the time, they will last about 11 years before they need to be replaced.
Of course, most of us don\'t have lights in our homes, so you can expect lights like this to last for about 22 years. Advantage 2 -
While the LED bulb does initially cost more money to buy, you\'re actually saving money for yourself with its use.
In addition to not having to replace these specific bulbs, you will find that they help reduce the electricity bill.
The reason is that these bulbs don\'t need as much power as traditional incandescent bulbs do to power them.
In fact, about 80% of the energy needed for these bulbs is converted into light, and in terms of incandescent lamps, they use only 20% of the energy. Advantage 3 -
Another benefit of installing this LED light in your home is that they are safer.
Because they don\'t need that much electricity to provide energy, they don\'t heat like traditional bulbs.
These bulbs reach a maximum temperature of about 60 degrees Celsius, while the temperature of traditional bulbs can reach anywhere between 49 degrees Celsius and 249 degrees Celsius.
So if your hand or any other part of your body comes into contact with the light when it is turned on, the risk of your injury will be much smaller. Advantage 4 -
Since the LED bulb does not produce any UV rays, it will not cause unnecessary damage to items such as pictures or artifacts.
If you visit many museums these days, you will find that they have chosen to use this lighting. Advantage 5 -
Finally, you will find that when you turn on any light with LED bulbs, they provide more light faster.
In addition, the amount of light they actually produce is much larger and can cover a wider area.
Therefore, you may find that you only need to install one, not several of these types of lights in one room.
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