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by:ILED     2020-03-24
Jaipur: according to the UJALA program, more than one crore LED bulb was distributed in Rajasthan state, which means an energy saving of Rs 1.
43 crore per day, EESL is now working on replacing traditional high-energy fans with energy-saving variants under the national energy-saving fan program (NEEFP).
\"Unnat Jyoti for affordable led for all (UJALA)
Prime Minister Narendra Modi\'s plan launched last year has been a great success in Rajasthan, which became the first state in northern India and also where India distributed more than 1 crore bulb
We also hope to replicate the same success in the energy-saving fan project, \"said Ritu Singh, Project Manager, Energy Efficiency Services Co. , Ltd (EESL), Rajasthan.
According to the NEEFP program, EESL is designed to provide high quality 5-
The star rated fans as domestic consumers at a favorable price.
These fans will be distributed for 1200 rupees.
Rs 1300 per unit while on the market for a higher price of Rs 16001900.
According to the calculation of EESL, these 5-
The star-rated fan is expected to help save Rs 720 per year from the electricity bill, if the consumer invests Rs 1200-
1300, he will be able to recover the full cost in about two years.
Even if pay (Pay according to your deposit)
The model was developed for faster adoption, which helped customers recover costs limited to annual savings while discoms paid their balance, and Singh initially said fans would pay before Rajasthan bunti.
Since the penetration rate of ACs is still below 10%, the fan is the main source of cooling.
According to EESL estimates, ceiling fans run at least 9-in most homes-10 hours a day.
At present, 75-fans have been consumed-
8 watts of energy, while 50 watts of energy is efficient.
In order to distribute fans in cities, towns and villages, EESL wants to take advantage of e-
Mitra network for LED bulbs.
\"For the UJALA program, we have used 3800 distribution centers in 33 regions.
In addition to the energy-saving benefits that the program brings to consumers, it has helped state governments create nearly 7000 additional jobs in centers in 33 regions.
These include raising awareness through various advertising platforms, distributing LED bulbs, purchasing them, etc.
We expect efficient fans to launch similar products, \"Singh added.
With the floating tender for the bulk supply of LED bulbs by EESL, the contract is provided to the lowest price bidder, and the price drops from the market price of about Rs 320 to Rs 80 per unit.
In the case of an energy-saving fan, such a bidding process is expected to reduce the cost of the fan to Rs 12001300.
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