alberta still scrambling to install free light bulbs and low-flow shower heads

by:ILED     2020-03-04
How long does it take to screw in three million bulbs in Alberta?
This is an obvious scene.
Can tell you at most the residential number in Alberta
Charging bulb program.
Although Alberta does not laugh much.
The answer is a long, long time.
In fact, more than a year.
Not all installed bulbs are still working.
The Alberta Energy Efficiency Association says 50,000 households have spent 1st years saving. The new head of the Alberta Energy Efficiency Association has promised that, despite the problems, the agency will still generate genuine government agencies responsible for implementing the program that do not care about them.
\"We are satisfied with the progress of the project,\" said Curt Boechler, director of Alberta\'s energy efficiency office.
But he also admitted that it was a long time to wait for a year.
\"Yes, some people can wait a little longer than they want, but given everything, we are very happy with the progress of everything,\" he said . \".
At the beginning of registration last year, there were more participants than expected, more than twice the expected number of Albertans enrolled in the \"free\" program.
Of course, free giveaways include light bulbs, but also low
Flow shower head, tap inflator, smart power strip and smart thermostat.
Registration closed on last November
The newly established government agencies are scrambling to meet this demand.
Ecofitt in Ontario
The company hired to run the project, hired more staff and installers to handle the workload --
But eight months after the registration was completed, at least 1,000 Albertans were still waiting for their new goods.
Saving 700,000 gigs of energy a year, not all bulbs are still flashing brightly --
There were 1,000 reported defects.
Boechler said: \"This number is very low, we are very satisfied with this number, in more than 3 million bulbs, there is such a low number that is proved to be defective, which is very significant
Of the 3 million bulbs installed so far, the agency claims that the environmental impact of switching from incandescent to leds includes: saving 700,000 kilojoules of energy per year.
Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20,000 tons.
Remove the equivalent of 8,000 vehicles from the road.
Unleash enough energy for 5,800 families.
The project is not really free, and Alberta is paying with a carbon tax.
However, the specific cost has not yet been determined.
Energy efficiency Alberta has budgeted US dollars for its \"residential energy efficiency\" program between 0. 136 billion and 201718 and 2018-
Fiscal 2019.
150,000 households accounted for 12 of all single families
Family homes in the province.
The agency says the average number of LED bulbs installed in each house is 26, saving about $50 a year.
Brian Labby is a reporter from Calgary, a broadcasting company.
If you have a good story idea or tip, you can find him in Brian. labby@cbc.
Ca or @ CBCBryan on Twitter.
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