andhra pradesh saves 421 million units of power by using led bulbs in 4 districts

by:ILED     2020-03-25
The actual energy saving per bulb is 73.
An average of 7 units compared to the projected 55. 65 units.
According to an independent survey, Andhra Pradesh saved about 0. 421 billion units of electricity last year as the state government vigorously promoted the use of LED bulbs in four of the 13 districts.
57 were distributed by the state government.
03 lakh LED bulb (
Two 9 watt bulbs per House)
In the region of anantapem, guntour, segodavari and Srikakulam, the overall number is 1.
Up to now, 75 crore bulbs have been distributed in all 13 regions with a target of 1. 87 crore.
A study conducted by the University of Andhra and the School of Engineering, India-
Covering 57,667 households in four districts
The display can save 0. 421 billion units of power in a year due to the use of LED bulbs.
The actual energy saving per bulb is 73.
Onan averaged 7 units compared to the projected 55. 65 units.
Trade union Power Minister Piyush Goyal will officially announce the study on February 27 at a functional unit in Nellore, Union City Development Minister M. Venkaiah Naidu and AP Chief Minister N.
Release of AP state energy dialogue task (SECM)
Citing Energy Minister Ajay Jain, the state government has now decided to cover 100% households in the state under the LED bulb allocation plan.
Under the scheme, two 9-watt bulbs will be offered at a subsidy price of Rs 10 per.
The two distribution companies have submitted proposals to the government for another 57 lakh LED bulbs to cover 100% households.
In this way, the total number of LED bulbs reached 2.
Said SECM chief executive A Chandrasekhar Reddy.
Once the allocation is completed, the state will save up to 1. 806 billion units per year.
\"We hope to complete the distribution by March 2016,\" Reddy added . \".
He said the chief minister directed SECM to set up LED bulb replacement and service centers in all 175 parliamentary constituencies to maintain energy conservation measures.
The chief minister also wants DOE to facilitate the use of five energy sources
Star-rated household appliances can further save up to 40% of electricity.
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