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Rita leffgreen, the color of \"go\", the things that grow and one of the most precious gems on Earth, is its name --Emeralite.
There are at least 30, probably up to 60 different models of emerald lights, these greenglass-
From about 1910 to 1940, the dominant shadow, brass-based design in libraries, banks, offices and architect Studios.
Since these engineering miracles were rediscovered more than five years ago, it has been difficult for those who believe that emmerally is the best desk lamp ever to find more information about these designs.
Now, it may be the first exhibition of the emmerals that will be on display in February.
28 at 349 Second Avenue, the Ellis Elliot Gallery, on 20 th Street.
The gallery specializing in posters opens at 10: 00. M. to 6 P. M.
Tuesday to Saturday
No one is just sure that holi, many of the lights are made by Emerlite, and how many of them survive.
As a manufacturer established by H. G.
Mcfarding and the company
East Orange in New YorkJ.
In 1874, in a glass bulb designed by Thomas Alva Edison, Carbon first flashed a few years ago, thriving for about half a century and then falling and disappearing after World War II.
Early history of this company and McFaddinsH. G.
Mcfarding and his son Harrison D.
Who runs it and gains wealth from their inventionsremains murky.
It is known that the first emerlamp lamp was patented in 1909.
A few years later, the company moved to No. 40 Warren Street in Lower Manhattan.
Popular soon, basic emerkle desk lamp-
A green glass shade like a bone, located on a square pointed brass baseprolif-
The numbers multiply in numbers and change.
There is a design for one or two bulbs, and there are many bases
Scalable and adjustable design.
Soon, in the famous home and office, lights specially designed for piano, rolling table tables and drawing tables were seen.
The exhibition includes these designs and more fixtures for the installation of pen holders, ink bottles and calendars, as well as table lamps that extend into floor lamps.
Some examples have marbelized shades or other colors-
Rust, black, or even milk white.
Many of the selected labels show that this tone is made in Austria or the Czech Republic.
None of the 40 lights advertised for the show were sold.
They come from a private collection of Far East apparel importers, Felice Elliott or Mitchell pollen, who have made extensive shopping for these lights, and a rough study of the patents obtained by the company and Harrison D. McFaddin. Mr.
Polun has more than 50 emeralds.
\"About five years ago, I was hooked on them and couldn\'t stop buying them,\" he recently explained . \".
At least 30 of them are very different models, he said.
He pointed out that the process and design he admired most in these designs.
After his first purchase, he decided to own each product.
The only thing he refused was a copy.
This design appears on the lights section of the store and on the movie set in the \"network\", \"where a score fills a bank-sized library table, is part of an unforgettable scene.
But more remains to be discovered.
What is not known, for example, is whether emmerally has only made some cased glass shades in Austria and the Czech Republic.
It is worth noting that two cities
New York and Vienna-
It is the best place to buy antique specimens, most of which range from about $200 to $350 today, double the price five years ago.
Jay Monroe, another emerstrom buff, reported that the only model of glass tone he found in Austria. Mr.
Monroe is president of tensorcorp.
The world\'s largest lamp maker, as well as Emory lamp collectors for about 20 years.
He is now making copies of these designs and calling them a replica of the Emerald, a design that most purists condemn. Mr.
Monroe described the original as the best lamp ever.
This is because, he says, the cased-glass lampshade looks quiet and the light reflection works well. Mr.
Monroe\'s collection of desktop lighting dates back to the 18 th century, and as far as he knows, emmerally was the first company to add conditioning to such work lights.
Stores selling emeralds in New York are longer than most stores, stock more than any other known source, and are out of date for 381 seconds. On 22d Street.
Owner David Weiss usually has at least 20 examples, from basic desk lamps to swingout and scalable architect lights.
The specimens in his shop were fully displayed, their bases sparkled, and their shades were washed and sparkled.
This is a cluttered Mall, packed with roiltops and Wooton, and these heavyweight wonders of the steamertrunk style will certainly be enhanced by green-lit lights.
The price of wall lights hanging in the store is lower-about $45 per lamp and the price of other emerlamps lights is $200 to $325.
Flea markets and antique exhibitions are other sources of these designs, most of which go back to 1920 and 1930s.
At the 34 annual National Antiques exhibition, at Madison Square Garden I (from 1 to 10 P. M.
1 to 7 pence a day. M. Sunday)
There will be at least one dealer, Irene dubrau, who will have one or two emeralds to display and sell.
■ A version of this file was printed on page D30 of The New York edition on February 19, 1978 with the title: antique.
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