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by:ILED     2020-09-08
In the wintertime, outdoor lighting helps highlight the beauty of the structure when the plants have gone dormant for the season. The rest of the year the LED lighting design helps to transform the exterior space into a beautiful display of perfectly placed accent lights. Through strategic placement of quality LED lighting, the homeowner can experience the joy of their outside living in both the back yard and front yard. Perfectly placed outdoor lights can define the patio and create the perfect outdoor environment. Benefiting the Homeowner and the Environment Traditional outdoor lighting is mainly comprised of incandescent light bulbs or floodlights used to illuminate the exterior of the home. However, incandescent bulbs are wasteful consumers of energy using lots of electricity to throw off minimal light. They also produce carbon dioxide and sulfur oxide while taking up space wasting away in landfills. Alternatively, an LED light does not contain mercury like a fluorescent bulb nor produce sulfur oxide or carbon dioxide in the process of its manufacturing. A LED light can burn over 10 times longer than all other types of outdoor and indoor lighting. Additionally, it consumes far less electricity than incandescent bulbs while producing far more light. Beautifying the Home Just like the interior of the home, LED lighting on the exterior can quickly set a mood. A competent Winnetka contractor can design a plan based on the personality of the home and its owners. The neighborhood will enjoy and admire the front yard filled with illuminated lights perfectly placed. Friends and family will enjoy and admire the backyard patio area for the same reason. Lighting contractors use a variety of directional lighting, or up lights, as a way to enhance specific key components in the yard and on the surface of the home. Additional lights can be used to highlight plants, trees and statuary. Using LED lighting over traditional incandescent bulbs, halogens and fluorescent lights allows the homeowner many more options because of the reduced energy consumption. Increasing Security around the Home Once the sun drops below the horizon many homeowners become worried about their home's security and want to avoid any potential danger. Because LED lighting burns significantly longer and much brighter than all other types of light sources, the homeowner can keep the lighting on all night long and still save money. Hiring a Contractor Before a homeowner hires a contractor to install outdoor lighting around the home, he or she needs to obtain a few answers to important questions that include: There are significant benefits to hiring the services of an outdoor lighting contractor to beautify the exterior of a home. With the proper touch and artistic design any home can be illuminated to provide amazing results.
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