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by:ILED     2019-12-06
Pune: energy efficiency Service Co. , Ltd (EESL)
Consumers have been called on to buy LED bulbs at a price of Rs 65 per piece, after black marketing cases of such bulbs sold by the Union government at subsidized prices surfaced in the city.
EESL is a National Thermal Power Company (NTPC)
Limited, Indian Power Finance Corporation, Rural Electrified Corporation and Power Grid Corporation.
As an energy-saving measure, the federal government provides LED bulbs at subsidized prices.
Last year, the government provided 7-watt LED bulbs through EESL with each Rs100.
However, after several steps taken by the government to further advance the initiative under the Ujala program, the cost per piece was reduced to Rs 65.
Under the revised plan, consumers sell 9 w led bulbs at each Rs65 through special booths set up at Maharashtra Power Distribution Co. , Ltd (MSEDCL)
Office and billing center.
However, it has been complained that the bulbs are sold on the black market for an inflated price, between Rs80 and Rs95.
We have received complaints about the price increase of bulbs.
In fact, at Akurdi and Karvenagar, we found that some people bought bulbs through designated centers and then sold them at a higher price.
Shivam Shrivastav, regional manager at EESL, said we urge consumers to pay only the Rs65 per bulb and ask for a receipt.
City member Aditya Chunekar-
Praia energy group, which is based in Praia energy group, said that the initiative to provide LED bulbs at subsidized prices is good because it helps to save energy.
However, ordinary consumers must benefit from low-income people. priced bulbs.
Distribution companies and EESL must make people aware of its price and warranty period and download the latest city news app for The Times of India, he said.
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