california phasing out 100-watt incandescent light bulbs

by:ILED     2019-11-21
It\'s hard to find traditional 100-Watt bulb?
This is because California is allowed to jump a gun on the national stage next year.
Incandescent lamps that do not meet the standard.
Stores here can sell 100 of their stock.
But after that, they can only sell more energy.
An efficient bulb equivalent to 100 watts.
According to the federal efficiency standard, the new incandescent lamp consumes only 72 watts, but the burning speed is as bright and as long as the offspring of incandescent lamps invented by Thomas Alva Edison before 132.
Congress passed the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, allowing California to switch to more power --
Incandescent bulbs are very cheap this year, while other states have to replace them from next January. 1.
California, which enjoys an international reputation for creating energy efficiency projects, is eager to take the lead in replacing new bulbs.
The conversion fee should be $35.
The California Energy Commission estimates that consumer electricity costs are down 6 million this year alone.
In the next three years, California will have more savings.
60 W bulb next year
2013 and 40-
Watt light bulb in 2014
Each replacement must use less energy about the third time and must last at least 1,000 hours.
\"Old 90%
\"The energy of old-fashioned incandescent lamps is wasted as heat,\" committee chairman Karen Douglas said . \".
\"The new bulb will increase energy efficiency by 28% without affecting the amount of lighting.
\"The shift to a more efficient incandescent lamp does not mean that California has declared all old bulbs illegal, and incandescent lamps generate light by running current through thin wires, just like standard bulbsstyle bulbs.
Bulbs made before January
2011, can also be sold.
Federal regulations do not affect all kinds of special incandescent lamps, such as three
Way, color, Worm Light and heavy-duty bulbs.
Although many consumers have turned to supermarkets. Efficient and long
Durable compact fluorescent bulbs, halogen lamps with lighting, and solid state bulbs
LEDs, some people still like the warmth of the old
Lighting with incandescent lamps in some parts of their home.
The new standard may cause some confusion among consumers. Historically, the consumer\'s light bulb
Clark linston, president of Chatsworth Pacific Coast Lighting and chairman of the Government Affairs Committee of the American Lighting Association, said the purchase decided how much electricity a light bulb consumed.
\"As technology advances, you can now get more lumens per watt,\" he said . \".
In order to convey this message, the Energy Commission has partnered with bulb manufacturers and retailers such as General Electric.
Home department store.
At the same time, Ikea, at least one major retailer, will further drive its customers
Wattage lighting.
Earlier this month, the Swedish company said it would no longer store or sell any incandescent lamps, including new ones.
The chain says it will only store compact fluorescent, halogen and other non-
Incandescent lamp.
\"Eliminating incandescent lamps is just an easy way for Ikea customers to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions,\" said Mike Ward of the United States. S. Ikea president. marc. Lifsher @ latimes.
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