can a brand create a \'sonic identity\' from light bulbs?

by:ILED     2019-12-22
When we go to more voices
Control and audio
Marketers are rediscovering the potential of sound to build brand identity and develop new ads for the streaming era.
Sound triggers our most powerful and emotional memories.
The music played in the bar, you see your future partner for the first time;
On your first holiday in childhood, seagulls chatter outside the hotel;
Or still makes you think of a radio ringtone for a particular car dealer --
Even though it went bankrupt 20 years ago
But in marketing, sound has always played a secondary role in vision.
This is changing.
The increasing use of virtual assistants, smart speakers, audio streams and augmented reality has pushed the concept of the \"sound brand\" to the forefront.
For the first time two years ago it was included in the industry report of the interactive advertising agency, spending has increased by 39% to $1. 6bn (£1. 3bn)last year.
Although we may think of visual symbols related to the brand --
For example, Nike swoosh, McDonald\'s golden arch, or Apple --
It sounds like an important part of how we see them.
For example, the bells of Intel, or the static hissing sound heralds the arrival of another episode of Game of Thrones, or the classic replay of the underworld family on HBO.
It is this \"brand identity of sonic vemusic\"
The brain behind Philips\'s new brand remodeling
It is looking for when it starts its latest project.
Wanting to create a voice where listeners can connect with the electronics giant through advertising or digital communications, the team decided to make their own musical instrument that will be the first product of the Dutch giant --
A trusted incandescent lamp.
The team used contact microphones to capture the sound of Philips bulbs and the human voice through their current, as well as heartbeat and finger capture.
The resulting sound will now be used throughout the brand, from the communication \"sound sign\" to the product sound and digital service.
\"It\'s not just about developing a jingle that can sign commercial ads,\" said Hans bruville, founder of MassiveMusic . \".
\"It\'s about developing a sound that can also be recognized when you turn on your Philips TV or turn on the Sonicare app.
\"The potential of sound brands is the way our brains handle music and sound.
It activates areas that are also subject to food and sexual stimulation.
\"Music is super exciting.
It activates the center of the brain that can recognize, think, solve problems, remember, and make decisions, \"said Dr. Daniel murensephen, professor of music psychology at Goldsmiths College, University of London.
\"But music also activates areas related to emotional processing.
\"Dr. Mllensiefen said that emotional responses to music are particularly important because we tend to look for music again in order to recreate happiness.
Therefore, the potential benefits of marketers are huge.
\"Our idea is that the positive emotions that music is causing are associated with the brand or product,\" he said . \".
More business technology \"customers will look at it more positively, eventually changing their consumer behavior and buying it more often.
\"If it is done right, it can greatly promote emotional brand building and ultimately have a positive impact on sales.
\"The voice is also increasingly interested in the digital advertising industry because it has the ability to bypass ad blockers and attract their attention wherever potential customers are.
We\'re entering an audio.
The first world of innovation such as voice
Lauren Nagel, executive creative director at streaming audio company Pandora, said: \"controlled devices are exploding to make technology an integral part of consumers\' daily lives . \".
Nagel MS says 90 of Pandora\'s listeners are now listening to mobile devices and other connected devices.
\"In order to create a successful sound recognition, the sound needs to have a voice profile and be consistent on the device and on the platform so that it is easily recognized in words, tones and emotions, MS Nagar said.
While commercial radio stations show the same ads to all listeners, streaming services may be more targeted because people can create custom playlists that reflect their personality.
Our musical tastes tell advertisers a lot about our possible buying habits.
Pandora is the largest audio streaming service in the United States, with more than 73 million active listeners per month.
Earlier this year, the company acquired the programmatic advertising platform AdsWizz, indicating its intention to join streaming rivals Spotify and iHeartRadio with automated targeted advertising.
Earlier this year, it launched a service that enables companies to fight for the right to place ads around specific audio content that the target audience listens to, and the whole process is automated and data-driven.
\"Audio revival means more podcasts, more storytelling through audio, which means more streaming service ads,\" said Nagel MS . \".
Cornus us Ringe, chief executive officer of Wesound, a German audio brand consultancy, said the increasing use of virtual assistants has changed the way we interact with devices and opened up new channels for advertisers
\"We are already talking about the voice Internet,\" he said . \"
\"In the future, humans will interact and communicate more naturally and intuitively with machines verbally and hearing.
\"Another change is that we know more about the music and sound usage of consumers.
\"His company\'s customers include Audi, Red Bull, seat and Lufthansa Airlines, which has developed 3D sound technology to create audio logos specifically for brands and environmental sounds for venues and even cities
Ringer believes that this change in the marketing landscape has happened so quickly that brands are in danger of not being able to catch the audio wave.
If the brand doesn\'t have sound recognition, they miss a trick.
\"For example, what would it say if someone asked Alexa about your company?
\"So far, few brands have a clear answer to this.
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