Can battery christmas lights be customized?
The ILED lighting Technology Ltd. professional services group provides customized solutions to fulfill unique or hard business requirements. We are aware that out-of-the-box solutions aren't right for everybody. Our advisors will take some time to know your requirements and customize the products to fulfill these requirements. Please express your requirements to our specialists, who can allow you to tailor the battery christmas lights to match you perfectly.

ILED is always a banner in the trend of battery string light development. The festoon light series has become a hot product of ILED. The design of ILED energy efficient light bulbs goes through a series of design considerations, including quantity, volume, shape, and arrangement of storage compartments, and accessibility of those compartments in different stowage situations. It has very low energy consumption and an extremely long lifespan. our team's advantages are well known by our customers. Its flexible design makes it easy to DIY in all kinds of creative ways.

If you have any question about our plug in string light, we have professional team to help you. Check now!
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