christmas lights around the world: 9 spectacular displays

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At this time of year, attractions around the world gather in vibrant solar lights, and millions of colorful flashing bulbs are dazzling.
Each year, these festival exhibitions attract thousands of visitors to visit creative design festivals-
The theme attractions include glittering reindeer, shiny Santa Claus, and even hanging light tunnels that can be driven through. These family-
Friendly destinations can be found in the underground of parks, estates, city centers, and even throughout North America and beyond: Canyon Lights North Vancouver, Columbus Suspension Bridge Park, United Kingdom bringing holiday lights and dazzling
From Capilano Suspension Bridge Park to Capilano Suspension Bridge Park, festive lights are accompanied by a wobbling kneed thrill for the dizzying ones that cross 230 feet metres
Original bridge 1889--
The work of a Scottish civil engineer who purchased the surrounding land, built a cottage and wanted an easy way to cross the canyon-
It is made of hemp rope and snow pine board, so in today\'s sturdy wire rope structure, trepidcrossers can enjoy the comfort.
In addition to the brightly lit bridges, there is also a cliff trail with suspended walkways with a view of the river below, where the exhibition continues to illuminate the water in a tone-changing manner.
The third scenic spot tree-top adventure consists of seven suspension bridges suspended between towering evergreen trees, 110 feet metres from the ground.
The warm white light adds a comfortable atmosphere to the fresh and fresh Pacific rainforest air.
Tickets for adults are about $33 and tickets for 13-year-olds are about $2116; $11 for kids 6-
Children under 12 years of age are free.
Canyon light at Capilano Suspension Bridge, 3735 Capilano Road, North Vancouver, BC; 604-985-
7474 Tanglewood lighting festival, the lighting festival in North Carolina is a drive-
By showing more than a million separate lights.
Tom McCullough/From Tanglewood Park, nearly 5 miles of holiday lights marvel visitors at Tanglewood Park outside Winston --
Salem, North Carolina
It\'s been 26 years now, Tanglewood Lantern Festival, a drive
From November 17-1 to 1, more than one million personal lights are displayed through the exhibition.
About people come to the festival of lights every year, and they also go to the gift village to look for crafts from local artists, take photos with Santa Claus and enjoy the s\'mores\' kit from s \'moresville.
The entrance fee for each car is $15.
In order to avoid long waiting, it is recommended to visit from Monday to Wednesday.
Tanglewood lighting festival, 4061 Clemons Road, Clemons city, North Carolina; 336-703-
6400 Festival light show, water light show in dakhoklaen, dakhoklaen, Lake dakhoklaen.
Joel inner/quicksilverswicial.
The ComThis sparkling Idaho exhibition extends from the coast of Lake Coeur d\'Alene to the water, and on the \"Arctic tour\" cruise you can see a huge floating Christmas tree and
At this Coeur d\'Alene Resort, there are more than millions of lights on display.
Visitors can also book a family holiday package for Santa Claus and spend the night at the resort after watching the exhibition.
The cruise price is $22.
$25, $7 per adult.
50 children aged 6 to 12.
Holiday lights show Coeur d\'Alene, 1152nd St.
ID: d\'Alene; 855-703-
4648 Christmas in Colorado, Utah and the color of arizanas is the car radio-
Music is synchronized with lighting.
AJ MellorMusic has never been so good.
Colorful Christmas is a carnival.
Through the viewing experience, visitors can adjust the car radio to a fixed radio station and listen to the festival music synchronized with the brilliant festival light display.
Snowmen and Christmas trees appear in more than 1 color.
The 5 million light flashes and flashes with the music.
There are three Christmas spots in color. -
Two in Utah, one in Arizona.
Each car starts at $25 and the display is open every night except Sunday.
The colors of Christmas, the Irish Republican Army and South Dan, Utah, Goodyear, the lower ArizonaLights louislav elouisville, KentuckyAbout 850 the wanzi tunnel cave in the city of Wisconsin during the holidays.
Walking away from the swaverntwinkling lights in the city of Wisconsin, Kentucky, when large caves are displayed, the old quarry is now a theme park for an underground zip line rope course.
During the holiday, under the lights of the city of Wisconsin, the atmosphere inside the cave is warm and festive.
You can drive your own vehicle through part of the cave\'s 17-mile-long tunnel and watch 850 characters made up of about 3 million lights.
The exhibition is open until December 31 and costs $27 per car.
Lights at 1841 Taylor Avenue in Wisconsin.
Louis, Kentucky877-614-
The 6342 Georgetown GLOWWashingtonLight art unit provides an unconventional holiday light.
Morgan Sasser/Enchanted in DescansoGeorgetown GLOW is an unconventional holiday light display, but visitors in Washington should not miss it.
This year is the fourth year of the event, combining the work of local and international artists, who bring together their own creative and innovative public lighting art installations.
The exhibits include Ted Bazydlo and Brandon Newcomer\'s ultra-mundane reactive Light sculpture \"Light Cloud\" and \"water\" created by Jen Lewin, a holiday-encouraging frivolous
This free outdoor exhibition is available from 5-10 p. m.
From December 8-1 to 7 in the Georgetown Business Improvement Area.
Georgetown Glow, Georgetown, Washington, D. C. C.
Christmas is celebrated in TivoliCopenhagen, DenmarkTivoli gardens and lights in Copenhagen.
Starting from Tivoli Garden, Tivoli Garden is a famous amusement park in the center of Copenhagen, and its annual festival light display lasts from November 18 to December 31.
While watching the lights, there are many different activities to enjoy, including taking the evening train around the park and visiting Santa\'s living room.
The Tivoli Christmas light show is held in the Chinese area of the park, with more than 16,000 lights flashing traditional Christmas songs such as \"Bell bells \".
\"Other attractions include Christmas stalls filled with gifts and candy, and honey cake castles that can decorate their own cakes.
For guests aged 8 and over, tickets are about $19.
Hongfu Christmas light show, 1630 Kobenhaven V, Copenhagen, Denmark, Vesterbrogade month;
Consultation on corruption issues 33151001 Magic Christmas lightsteodore, AlabamaMore 3 million lights are spread at 65-
Village of AKA Bellingrath.
From Bellingrath Gardens and animal homes decorated with festive splendor, you can see colorful Christmas trees and hanging canopies in Bellingrath Gardens and homes near Mobile, Alabama
The huge Magic Christmas in the lighting business takes more than 14,000 strands of light throughout December 31.
More places to watch Christmas lights in the United States show more than 3 million lights here, covering 65 acres;
All the lights are installed and designed by the staff.
Local music groups offer entertainment, and Magnolia cafes are open to hungry families from 4 to 8. m.
Adult tickets are $15 and $7. 50 for children.
Magical Christmas in lights 12402 Garden Road, El Theodore Bellingrath; 251-973-
2217 Shiodome Caretta illumoto kyosnow cascade from above, is the effect achieved by more than 250,000 white and blue LED lights from the large shopping center Caretta Shiodome in Tokyo, restaurant and advertising Museum.
The automated performance takes place every 20 minutes, and the orchestra\'s score expands and fades dramatically, all in sync with the fanatic light display to match the happy spirit of the music.
Theo Domi, 1-Theo Domi, Theo Domi8-
2, Minato-New Bridge Dentsuhonshabiru
Ku, Tokyo is Brooklyn-
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