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by:ILED     2020-03-29
Do you still paint the walls to beautify your house?If the answer is yes, you must be out of date.With the rapid development of the LED industry, innovative engineers have designed a variety of colorsReplace the LED wall washer for the dress up of the indoor and outdoor environment.LED wall washers are high power LED lights, mainly used for decoration and highlights of buildings, clubs, hotels, stages, parks, squares, commercial building facades, art galleries, gardens, restaurants and building lighting, etc, provide a colorful and magical environment.
It can also be used in a narrower area to achieve significant results, especially when several are used together or cover a large area with a strong impact.While these durable LED light sources are designed for large areas and building lighting, they are a popular choice for special events, sporting events, concerts and set designs.LED wall washers are ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications with a projected beam of 10 to 90 m.
Each red, green, and blue LED has a color depth of 256.The different brightness of the red, green and blue LED combinations can provide a total of 16,777,216 different colors.In addition to the color change, the LED wall washing machine used in the dance club can also include the effects of sequential light movement and flashing mode, such as flash change, fade change, Chase change, static change, or synchronous jump seven colors, etc.
It can work in independent mode or DMX mode, and can produce various color changing effects such as flicker, fading, stability, etc.With the DMX controller or the DMX remote control, the user can adjust the color or light display of the programmable LED wall washing machine in the way he wants it.In addition, thousands of effects can be achieved if many LED wall washers are connected together.
Since the filament and fragile glass are fragile, LED wall washers tend to be more durable than fixtures using filament or fluorescent tubes.Solid-state technology used to make LED lights makes them more resistant to damage caused by vibration and handling, so it is the first choice for exposure to wear environments.This single-row light comes in a size of 302*65*130mm and meets the ip65level and is ideal for indoor and outdoor applications.
You can use it for dynamic lighting and peaceful background lighting such as illuminated mansions, theaters, casinos, gardens, bridges, shopping malls, theme parks and entertainment squares.There are two ways to control it: self-controlControl, DMX control.Under self-Control, this LED wall washing machine will be in the pre-Programming lighting effects;Under DMX control, it will be compatible with most dmx5 12 consoles to meet the specific lighting needs of Lighting DesignersEffect requirements.
It also features mounting gears for easy installation and disassembly.You can easily point the light to the correct position with a 180 ° rotation angle.No mercury pollution, pure spectrum, no ultraviolet rays.
It can last more than 50,000 hours.
Highly decorative and powerfulRemote constructionCost-effective and controllable.Who says paint is the easiest way to renovate a room?Order these wall washers from now!
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