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by:ILED     2019-12-09
New Delhi: brightly lit-
Raisina Hill at sunset on January 26 is just as visually enjoyable as the Republic Day parade.
However, even if the narundra Modi government promotes the use of LED lights on regular bulbs or GLS lights in lighting terms, it is the latter that drives the use of LED lights, and it is the latter that drives this year, the North and South neighborhoods have reappeared.
To treat the Modi government fairly and its central Ministry of Public Works (CPWD)
Tested \"energy-
Last year, as a replacement for GLS lights, the economical and green LED option, about 1 lakh, was available on the outside of three historic buildings in Raisina Hill every day.
But it wasn\'t until the beginning of last year that the hiring LED option was cost-effective.
Compared to Rs 20
25 lakh paid to the contractor who provided GLS bulbs and all other related equipment (such as wires and circuits), and the same for LED lights in addition to the maintenance service, estimated
Also, considering that the lighting time is no more than four hours in as many days as possible --
January 26, 27, 28 and 29-
The savings on electricity will reach Rs 1.
\"That means four.
\"Considering the small use of the bulbs, the cost has doubled, but there is little savings in energy,\" said a CPWD senior staff member . \".
In addition, it is found that the lighting quality created by LED bulbs is lower than that of GLS lamps.
While LED lights available on the market were found to be suitable only for forward lighting at that time, the beam distribution of GLS lights was more suitable for illuminating buildings.
There is also a problem with the color of the light emitted by the LED bulb.
\"The white light of the LED bulb cannot reproduce the yellow light of the GSL light on the stone structure,\" the official noted . \".
But green people don\'t have to be disappointed.
CPWD sources show that with the improvement of LED bulb quality, coupled with a significant reduction in cost, 2016 is likely to be the non-eco-
Between the Republic Day and the Beating Retreat ceremony, the friendly GLS lights will be decorated with Raisina Hill.
\"The department keeps in touch with industry leaders on the latest developments in LED technology.
They have said that the new
In terms of lighting quality, the age LED bulb matches the GLS light, while being much cheaper than the earlier version.
\"We want to see the light of ecology.
\"Next year, there are friendly LED bulbs on Raisina Hill structures,\" said a CPWD staff member . \".
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