customizing led lights

by:ILED     2019-11-29
You may know how easy it is to replace an existing light with an LED light, and doing so will quickly save yourself electricity bills.
But do you know how easy it is to customize any light from a single bulb to the entire rail lighting system?
LED wave has a full range of products including hybrid productsand-
Match features so you can create a fully customized, fully compliant lighting system. The Sitia PAR-
16 is just an example of an LED bulb that can work as you like.
More than Cree MCE
Chip LED, it\'s a sweet 5.
5 W replacement of 45 W halogen lamp.
Moreover, it is dimmable!
Sitia is available in warm white or cold white, with beam propagation ranging from 15 ° to 88 °.
In addition, the LED wave can tap any bulb base required for the socket type (PAR-
16, E26, E27, GU10, E11, E17, or B22)
The possibilities are endless.
A. J. , Austin Nicholas Austin
The 16 offers one of the most neat and customized LED bulb options available in LED waves.
This is a 6 W replacement for 50 W halogen lamps, Sitia Par-
You can choose the color temperature, beam propagation and bulb base.
Agios Nikolaos is also dimmable and it has extra
Life is 80,000 hours long.
However, the most impressive thing is that you can choose the led brand you want in this bulb: Nichia or Cree.
Both sides are undisputed high-end suppliers.
The quality of LED chips, we are proud to offer products that reflect their high standards in LED waves.
For projects that require strong but independent strip lighting, Amazon waterproof flexible strip lighting is a great DIY option.
As the name suggests, it is suitable for indoor or outdoor use, and its rubber-like flexible housing makes it easy to attach to the profile of any surface.
Amazon\'s beam angle is 120 °, perfect for counters, display stands, cabinets and any other bright light space that requires low-heat output. It comes in 19.
5 \"but you can cut the units of 2 \"(3 LEDs)
Once according to the length you need.
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