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by:ILED     2020-03-20
New Delhi, June 27 ()
According to the Ujala program, the new 9-watt LED bulbs will now be distributed to households and business consumers in Delhi at a discount rate of Rs 75 per bulb.
\"Consumers in Delhi will now get 9 w led bulbs under Unnat Jyoti of the Indian government, providing affordable LED for all (UJALA)
Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL)
Said in a statement.
Ujala is planned to be implemented by EESL, a leading PSUs joint venture managed by the Ministry of Electricity.
The release of new bulbs will begin in the first week of next month.
The 7 w LED bulbs distributed earlier as part of the program will no longer be sold.
But consumers facing any technical problems with 7 w bulbs can replace them with a new 7 w LEDs from a dedicated replacement center, the statement said.
EESL will also sign a memorandum of understanding with the Postal Service to reach more consumer groups.
These technically superior led bulbs save Rs 160 to Rs 400 per bulb per year, with a service life of 25,000 hours, and can recover costs in less than a year.
UJALA plans to be implemented in 87 circles in Delhi.
Saurabh Kumar, EESL general manager, said, \"with the purchase of 9 w LED bulbs, EESL believes that Delhi should also have the opportunity to take advantage of these 9 w excellent LED bulbs.
I urge all those who have not yet benefited from this plan to come forward and do so before this plan is active.
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