easy-bake oven loses lightbulb in redesign

by:ILED     2019-11-22
This is not an easy task.
You remember the oven.
The latest version of this famous toy oven was first launched in 1963 with a handle and a fake stove, and now all curves and purples come with funky graphics. And —
Perhaps the most shocking.
It comes with a new instruction: no light bulb is needed.
These have all added unexpected results, and the federal government will eliminate incandescent bulbs.
Being a new standard compact fluorescent lamp for home use is very energy efficient and useless when baking brownies --
Or any other kind of miniature food.
Bake has been cooking for nearly 50 years.
At first, 100 people died.
The watt light bulb sparked rumors that it was easy
The way of baking may be the same.
Instead, the toy was redesigned 11 times, with a new heating element at its core similar to the traditional oven. The forced re-
Engineering also gives Hasbro an excuse to make it easy for themBake —
In the 1970 s and 1960 s, the colors of popular kitchen decorations appeared --
Its most modern transformation.
\"This gives us a completely different reason,\" said Michelle Paulino, vice president of global brand strategy and marketing at Hasbro.
\"We want it to look more like a real appliance than a plastic toy,\" she said . \".
It\'s about the size of a big bread box. It\'s easy.
Assuming parents are willing to pay $49, the ultimate oven for baking is clearly meant to fit any kitchen counter.
$99, up sharply from the previous $29. 99 US.
\"It looks a bit like an Art Deco toaster with wings --
\"Purple,\" said Patricia Hogan, director of Strong, which includes the National Theatre Museum and the National Toy Hall of Fame in Rochester, New York. Y.
\"It\'s so cool.
\"The goal of the oven is for girls between the ages of 8 and 12.
The beauty of the oven, the company and users say, is that children can mix and bake themselves --
The food was pushed to one end of the oven, cooked and then came out from the other end.
However, Hasbro says parental supervision is needed.
The company says the temperature of the new model can reach about 375 degrees;
The outside of the oven only keeps warm to touch.
Hasbro said the product was voluntarily recalled in 2007 due to reports of burns, in compliance with all safety regulations.
It was reported that children\'s fingers or hands were stuck on the opening of the oven and sometimes severely burned, after which nearly a million ovens were recalled; a 5-year-
The old girl was seriously injured and had to cut off some of her fingers.
Enter the Toy Hall of Fame in 2006, easy-
The oven has become an icon that produces at least one \"gourmet\" recipe, which includes a recipe by Bobby Fry, a Food Network chef.
Some families, in order to be frugal, will use a regular cake mixture that is cheaper than a simple cake mixture
Bake, or create your own.
Denver\'s 31-year-old Jenn Romig is easy.
Christmas baking in the 1980 s, I like it very much.
Her favorite is the heart.
She made a small cake with a pot of this shape and gave it to her two brothers.
\"I think they want to\" use the oven by themselves \", but it seems pretty girly,\" she said.
So they eat whatever I do.
\"She didn\'t know what was behind the oven magic at first --
The bulb needs to be replaced until one day.
\"It\'s a little sad for me,\" she said . \".
Joe Cacciola, president, Fuzion Design Inc. Pawnshop-
Based on companies working with Hasbro
In the past two years, Bake\'s redesign said it was a good thing to have to eliminate the bulbs.
New heating elements can provide more stable heat, he said.
No hot spots near bulbs
Better Baked.
Parents also don\'t need to turn on the inside to screw in the bulb.
It may not be surprising that the redesign also brought
Part size.
Cacciola says the heating chamber is about 50% square meters, and unlike the traditional round wok, the new rectangular wok can accommodate more and more snacks.
Cacciola knows one or two things about simple things
He has also worked for Hasbro himself, including on the toy production line. (
He also helped to launch a disturbing baking and cooking device.
Destined to immerse the boys in the fun, let them bake some very famous food, such as Chocolate Crud Cake and dog bones dipped in saliva. )
He says the way designers use the new Ultimate Oven is the combination of evolution and revolution. The first Easy-
Made by Kenner, Bake is now a division of Hasbro and went public in 1963.
It is turquoise, Four Square and the price is $15. 95;
Parents bought 500,000 pounds in the first year alone.
The oven, at least to some extent, reflects the times: Hasbro launched the TV in 1965dinner-
It\'s like a tray divided into three parts. The kid-cooked mini-
Enjoy a meal of beef and macaroni, peas and carrots.
The oven is white to 1980 seconds and has a high
Low setting switch.
By 1993 it had become pink.
In 2003, Hasbro introduced an oven version without a light bulb, called a real meal oven, which doesn\'t look like an oven and is more like a microwave oven.
But it chose to go back to the bulb the next time it was redesigned.
With the introduction of the latest models, a new series of Easy-Bake mixes;
Paolino says this is a trendy snack. There\'s a pink-and-
Brown \"board\" cakes, for example, and whoopie pies, party pretzels and cinnamon rolls.
The cooking time of the new heating element is roughly the same, with an average of about 15 minutes.
\"It\'s like a real oven,\" said Paolino . \"
Bake what it used to look like: \"It\'s a really amazing 100-
Watt bulb can do.
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