eu halogen light bulb ban taking effect

by:ILED     2019-12-27
As part of an EU-wide effort to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions, halogen lamps will be gradually removed this weekend.
From September 1, retailers will no longer be allowed to replace bulb stocks that consume more energy than alternatives such as led or compact fluorescent (CFL)bulbs.
They also have a relatively short life span of about 2000 hours.
About two years, about three hours a day.
The move is the final stage of the EU directive, which starts with the traditional incandescent lamp in 2009 and the halogen GU10 spotlight in 2016, gradually banning inefficient light sources.
Prohibition of non-
Directional halogen lamps including standard pear-shaped or candle-shaped bulbs.
Halogen lamps remain on the market all the time, as manufacturers believe that led has not yet become a viable alternative due to the high upfront cost, especially for brighter LEDs of 60 w to 100 W
Same bulb.
Some professional bulbs, such as those used in some ovens and range hoods, are exempt from the ban because there are no LED or other alternatives or are not feasible.
A government study found that there were an average of 34 lights in British households, of which 10 (31 per cent)being halogen.
Energy Saving Trust estimates that STG11 is used by typical halogen families ($A19. 30)
One year of electricity, while the cost of using the replacement LED is only about STG2, the halogen lamp may Last 2000 hours compared with the 25,000 hours of the LED.
\"Halogen lamps are now a fairly old technology,\" said Stewart Kumar of the Energy Conservation Trust.
They first got a commercial patent in 1959, so they have shown their age for a while --
Mainly by raising your energy bill.
A spokesman for the Ministry of Commerce, Energy And Industry Strategy said the use of energy
High efficiency LED bulbs combined with other energy-saving measures can save about the family of STG100 ($A175)
On the annual energy bill for 2020
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