everything you need to know about led lights

by:ILED     2019-11-27
LED lighting has recently become one of the leaders in sustainable energy
Efficient and durable lighting equipment.
With the advancement of technology, its application has expanded from flashlight to indoor lighting, landscape lighting, etc.
To meet the needs of consumers, you can now buy LED lighting like you would buy a traditional incandescent lamp, which means you don\'t have to deal with the invisible problems of many compact fluorescent bulbs.
While you may not need an electrician to replace your old bulb with a more efficient LED bulb, you may want to contact if you want to install a new light or fixture. Why choose led?
The biggest benefit of the LED bulb is that the life is very long and the energy consumption is very low.
To understand this correctly, we need to compare LEDs to other bulb technologies.
Incandescent lamps, for example, usually last about 1,000 hours.
A compact fluorescent bulb can last 8,000 hours.
On the other hand, LED bulbs can work up to 30,000 hours.
This is a very significant increase compared to incandescent and compact fluorescent technologies.
Led also does not contain mercury, which has become the focus of debate in CFLs.
In addition to the longer duration, the led is also much more efficient than other bulb technologies.
Because of this, they release less heat than other lights and consume less energy.
So there are a number of apps that are perfect for LED bulbs that you can discuss with a local electrician.
The efficiency of LED bulbs is almost as amazing as life span.
LED is a clear winner compared to other bulbs.
When the incandescent lamp uses 40 watts, the equivalent CFL uses 8-12 watts.
In contrast, the equivalent LED uses only 4-5 watts.
Therefore, you can provide the same lighting with 10% of the energy required by traditional incandescent lamps.
Since lighting can reach 25% of your energy budget, switch the bulb to cost and energy-
Effective led can have a huge impact on your budget quickly.
In most cases, LED manufacturers directly compare their bulbs to incandescent lamps.
This makes it very easy to buy the same LED bulb.
In addition to the comparison Watt (a 45-
For example, A Watt incandescent lamp is usually equivalent to 3-watt LED)
, You should also be able to find the light rating in lumen on the package.
If you want, you can compare lumens between different bulbs.
If you can\'t find the bulb you need, please contact the electrician.
They should help you determine exactly what you need.
The most common type of LED in standard applications is a diffuse bulb.
This type of bulb uses several LEDs and spreads their light evenly so that you can illuminate your room as you are used.
If you are looking for a more focused light for use in spots or other apps, select accordingly.
Whether you turn off the lights at once or change them on the go, switching to LED lights at home is a smart, sustainable and very cost-effective option --
An effective way to reduce lighting costs.
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