first graphene light bulbs to go on sale this year

by:ILED     2019-12-21
Graphene bulbs, the first commercial product made of \"miracle materials\", will be available later this year.
Due to the Super Conductivity of this material, dimmable bulbs are expected to reduce the energy cost of 10 cents and last for many years, but the cost is still the same or lower as the current led.
Its filaments will be coated with graphene, 200 times stronger than steel, but 1 million times thinner than human hair.
The bulb was developed by Graphene Lighting, which is linked to the University of Manchester, at the University of Manchester
Thick atomic materials have been developed.
Professor Colin Bailey is deputy.
The finance minister of Manchester and the directors of the company.
\"Graphene bulbs will use less energy.
We hope it will last longer.
\"Manufacturing costs are lower and more sustainable components are being used,\" he told the BBC . \".
Chancellor George Osborne opened the university\'s National 61 million graphene Institute last week and met with Sir kostano voselov
The discoverer of the material.
Mr Osborne said the center would put Britain \"at the forefront of graphene technology \".
Russian scientists Sir kostea and Sir Andrey gam separated graphene for the first time in Manchester in 2004, and both won the Nobel Prize in Physics for their work.
More than 35 companies from around the world have partnered with the university to work on graphene projects.
While it is not easy to produce this material in large quantities, some companies are trying to make this material because there are a lot of potential uses for graphene.
Head, the maker of tennis rackets, uses it for carbon fiber rackets, and a company is trying to use it for dental bridges.
One area that graphene can completely change is medicine.
The rise of nanotechnology will enable it to be used in the treatment of diseases such as cancer and Parkinson\'s disease.
It is also possible for graphene to change the phone, camera and wearable technology as it is sturdy and durable and absorbs light as energy, which should extend the battery life of a range of products.
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