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by:ILED     2020-01-05
On July 26, front page: \"City planning returns to Christmas hanging lights\": Thank God!
It\'s been more than 10 days since the last front.
Web page articles about Christmas lights walking by the river.
Luckily, Benjamin Olivo provided
The fate of the terrible LED lights needs to be updated.
Maybe we can put a section in each Sunday version for the rest of the year to focus on this overriding issue in our fair city.
We don\'t want to go for another week without knowing if the lights will be discarded, packed, hung or chewed by squirrels.
Now, if we can get the latest news from the government.
Taxpayers paid a price for it. The “old-
Walking by the river in the style of \"incandescent Christmas lights service for many years.
They look great and are relatively cheap to operate with short usage times.
Then the LED light was installed and it was cheaper to operate, but it didn\'t look much.
The idea now is to put more LED lights like \"old-style” lights.
Of course, all of this is without public participation.
This reminds me of a motto: \"Don\'t fix it if it\'s not bad,\" other than in this case, \"Fix it if it\'s not bad until it\'s bad
\"To congratulate the city officials and leaders you mentioned earlier --
A page of articles on July 26
This Christmas, the officials are considering using the new LED light string by the river in the form of suspension, not packaging.
Last Christmas, we put LED lights on a tree in a neighbor in Alamo Heights.
The effect is very beautiful and striking. getting.
I strongly urge city leaders in charge of river lighting to adopt this \"best of both worlds\" program this year.
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