govt mulls selling led bulbs at rs 44 under delp scheme

by:ILED     2019-12-09
New Delhi: The government is seeking to provide LED bulbs of Rs 44, which, according to its DELP program, is well below the current retail price of around Rs 300 to prevent the use of inefficient incandescent lamps.
Power Minister Piyush Goyal said at a recent interactive meeting in Assocham: \"The government is seeking to reduce the price of LED bulbs purchased in bulk to Rs 44 per unit through competitive bidding.
According to its domestic high-efficiency lighting program (DELP)
The government purchases LED bulbs through competitive bidding and provides them to consumers at competitive prices.
These bulbs currently cost RS 275.
300 per unit on the market
In the latest round of tenders, the minister added, the price of Rs 74 per unit was found, well below the original target of Rs 99.
According to the government plan, consumers can also choose to pay the equivalent led fee in installments every month.
According to official estimates, the use of led in domestic and public lighting may result in 50-
90 reduction in energy consumption.
If all 77 crore incandescent lamps sold in India (household)
Conversion of lighting to led, 25 billion KWh (units)
Energy can be saved every year.
Currently more than 1.
So far, 35 crore LEDs have been distributed.
The government has set a goal to purchase 70 crore bulbs through bulk orders in the next two years and nine months.
The price of LED bulbs has dropped by more than 75 in the past 6 years
Due to various programs of Energy Efficiency Services Co. , Ltd. , 8 months (EESL)
It is a public sector entity affiliated to the Ministry of Electricity.
The country is expected to further stimulate the market and push retail prices below Rs 150.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched
Based on the home and street lighting plan for January 5, the LED bulb is described as \"prakash path \"(way to light).
The DELP program is designed to replace household incandescent lamps and CFL bulbs with LED lights.
This will help save 105 billion kilowatt hours (units)
Thus reducing consumer spending by Rs 40,000.
Similarly, the National Program for street lights (SLNP)
Change target 3.
5 crore street lights, energy saving 9 billion kWh, 1,500 MW less installed street light load.
Local institutions in cities (ULBs)
The plan will save Rs 5,500.
The street lamp program has helped reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 64,190 tons, while the domestic street lamp program has reduced by 4 tons.
Carbon emissions are 9 metric tons.
The lighting industry accounts for about India\'s total energy consumption.
At present, most of the lighting needs in the domestic and public lighting fields are met by inefficient and traditional incandescent lamps.
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