green light know how: your guide to energy-saving light bulbs

by:ILED     2020-03-30
This is human nature.We are always eager to explore the latest products, especially those that are touted as improving our lives.At the same time, we can be skeptical about the technology of new products, it is difficult to decide what to buy and whether to buy.This is certainly the case with energy.Save light bulbs.The energy bill passed a cheap and reliable incandescent light bulb at the end of December on the end of 2007.While it is true that some bulb manufacturers have come up with ideas to drive the energy efficiency of Mr.Edison\'s classic works are enough to meet the requirements of the law. now it seems that the United StatesS.Starting in 2012, consumers will need to convert green bulbs for most uses to green bulbs for the 21st century.The mainstream media is full of news about the upcoming light bulb revolution.In the last week of May Day alone, both the Wall Street Journal and The New York Times published high-profile articles on CFL (compact fluorescent lamp) and LED (LEDs) light bulb.Because they are more expensive than traditional bulbs, most people buy energy.There are two main reasons for saving bulbs: They save money in the long run and are better for the environment.Specifically, because green bulbs use less energy to produce the same amount of light, they reduce emissions of harmful gases in coalThermal power plants (50% of US power usage ).Therefore, consumers should replace all incandescent lamps with energy immediately.Saving light bulbs, right?Not too fast.Lighting, quality is especially important in our homes where we gather, read, cook, eat, celebrate and entertain.Green bulbs are thought to be at the expense of light quality.Don\'t believe it.Many eco-The friendly light bulb gives a soft and beautiful light.No one should feel guilty without turning off every light fixture with a normal bulb.First of all, invest in replacing the most commonly used bulbs.In this way, the savings will be larger and the repayment time will be shorter.To be honest, in some cases, the best light bulb is oldOld-fashioned incandescent lamps.Seven Keys to choosing the best green light bulb from a crowd of multi-energy sources --Saving light bulbs on the market today can be tricky.It is important that the days of bulb power and shape have passed.With these seven simple guidelines in mind, you can make informed decisions about what to buy to meet your energy needs --Save light bulbs in this new green era: 1.Give more, not lessIn the long run, your new green bulb should last thousands of hours to save money.If you buy the cheapest one you can find, they won\'t be more likely to buy it.2.Pick your sightsIf a fixture is completely closed, or light up for less than 15 minutes at a time and less than two hours a day, CFLsare is a bad investment.Low Energy, MercuryIn these cases, the free halogen is worth a look.Wait for the existing bulb to burn out (or keep it for later use)see #6).3.No one likes blues.The blue light emitted by many fluorescent tubes is not attractive to most homeowners.When buying CFLs and LEDs, choose either the \"warm white\" or the \"soft white\" label for a color that looks pleasant and familiar.Energy-Energy-saving bulbs marked \"cool white\", \"natural light\" or \"daylight\" are blue-Hued is best suited for target applications such as reading, mission lighting, and external fixtures, rather than living areas, ambience, or focused lighting.4.Dummy dimming-Most CFL and LED bulbs cannot be used with dimmer switches.Look for a green bulb that is bold and labeled \"dimmable.\"Although the industry has made great progress in recent years, most of the energy industryEnergy-saving bulbs are not as dim as traditional incandescent lamps.However, the huge energy savings are compelling for most homeowners.Switching to Dimmable CFLs or LEDs in a busy home kitchen can really save money, including reducing the cost of cooling, as neither type produces as much heat as an incandescent lamp.Last point: the dimmer switch should be compatible with the green bulb you purchased.5.Let\'s turn things around.Spiral or \"twister\" CFLs is the cheapest type.If these green bulbs are hidden behind shadows (though not completely closed), buying a spiral light will shorten the return on investment compared to the glass-covered CFLs.6.Away from the closet-Most closets require a brief moment of light.This is usually the case with the dressing room, basement, attic and garage.In energy-saving bulbs, CFLs in particular are not suitable for this purpose.In these cases, traditional bulbs (or the same, low energy halogen) are the best until something better appears.7.Innovative, fun, expensivemercury-The free LED bulb is the future of lighting and the chassis is off.These green bulbs use less power than CFLs and last more than 30,000 hours.However, the current price per bulb is as high as $100, which means the return period of investment for most householdsThe basic use time is too long to justify the price.If you are curious about this new technology and live in areas where the retail electricity bill is high, you may consider replacing one or two LED bulbs (6 hours a day) of a frequently used fixture ).Re-Read Key #1 before investing in these types of energySave light bulbs.Ignore those opponentsThe last point of the green bulb is that mercury can make the CFLs (and fluorescent tubes) work.Some serious people, including columnist George Will, say we should avoid energy consumption.Save the bulb for this reason.We disagree.Coal-Coal-fired power generation is the largest contributor of Mercury to the environment.By reducing power consumption, a single CFL removes more mercury from the environment than it contains during its life cycle.Nevertheless, releasing any mercury into the environment is a bad idea, so it is important to recycle them when CFLs stop working.It\'s getting easier to recycle the green bulbs you \'ve used.Visit www.lamprecycle.Organization of resources.There are green bulbs here.This is good news for our wallets and for our world, as the cheapest and cleanest kilowatt electricity was never produced in the first place.Be smart enough to buy the right energySave light bulbs and don\'t look back.
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