green promise seen in switch to led lighting

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Under the high-ceiling light in the stairwell of Buckingham Palace, workers had to set up scaffolding to cover the precious portraits of royal ancestors.
So, two years ago, when a lighting designer proposed to install a glowing second-level tube or a glowing second-level tube-an emerging lighting technology, the British royal family readily accepted the offer.
The new lights will last more than 22 years, greatly reducing energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions, the designer said.
This is a big advantage for the enthusiastic environmental activist Prince Charles.
Since then, the palace has installed lighting equipment in chandeliers and outside, where there is less power to illuminate the entire facade than to run electric kettles.
The palace is a small and fast part when turning to LED lighting
Is Redefining the growth trend of the century
The old idea of lighting replacing energy
Efficient fixtures that waste disposable bulbs are usually half
Permanent, as used in a water pipe.
Studies have shown that fully converting to a lamp can reduce carbon dioxide emissions from electrical lighting by up to 50% in just over 20 years;
In the United States, lighting accounts for about 6% of all energy use.
A recent McKinsey report points out that the conversion to LED lighting may be the most cost-effective in some simple ways to solve global warming using existing technologies.
Advertising Lighting has been classified as basketball scoreboard, mobile console, traffic lights and colorful Christmas lights.
However, thanks to the rapid development of this technology, it is now ready to become common in streets, buildings and homes and offices.
Some American cities, including the city of Ontario, Michigan.
And Raleigh, New York. C.
, Lighting up streets and parking garages with lights, and dozens of others are exploring the technology.
Now, the conference rooms and bars of some Renaissance Hotels, a corridor at the Pentagon, and a new green building at Stanford University are illuminated by lights.
Advertising led is more than double the efficiency of compact fluorescent bulbs and is currently the standard for green lighting.
Unlike compact fluorescent lamps, the led can be turned on quickly and compatible with the dimmer switch.
Although the fluorescent bulb contains mercury and needs special treatment, the LED bulb does not contain toxic elements and lasts for a long time, and the treatment problem is not large. “It is fit-and-forget-
Lighting is basically there as long as you\'re alive, \"said Colin Humphries, a researcher at the University of Cambridge who studied gan LED lights, which are now decorated in British architecture.
Led conversion is much faster than experts predicted two years ago.
Experts say President Obama\'s stimulus plan to fund \"green\" infrastructure investment will accelerate that pace.
San Jose, California.
Plans to use $2 million in energy
Efficiency subsidy for installing 1,500 LED street lamps.
Thanks in part to the injection of federal cash, sales of lights in new \"solid state\" lamps --
$0. 297 billion in 2007
Will most likely becomebillion-
Stephen Montgomery, director of LED research projects at California consulting firm Electronicast, said that by 2013, the dollar industry.
After years of resistance, giants such as General Electric and Philips have begun to produce LEDs, which they see as an edge technology.
Although the Department of Energy called itself the leader of \"key emerging technologies\", there are still major obstacles.
Homeowners may be hesitant about high initial costs, and lighting experts say it will take between 5 and 10 years to recover electricity savings at the moment.
Today, the outdoor LED spotlight costs $100, compared to $7 for regular bulbs.
Another problem is that the current LEDs usually only provide \"directional light\" instead of 360-
Degrees glow, which means they are more suitable for down street lights and ceiling lights than manytype settings.
Experts warn that in the rush to make cheaper LED lights, making bad products may erase the natural advantages of the technology.
LEDs are small sandwiches of two different materials that release light when electrons jump from one material to another.
The lights must be carefully designed so that the heat does not damage them, reducing their life span from decades to months.
Well-received technological advances in university labs may not perform well in mass production for the real world.
Advertising UK\'s Low Carbon Trust is an eco-friendly non-profit organization, and since the LED lights are not bright enough, it has replaced 12 LED fixtures purchased for the office three years ago with traditional bulbs, mischa Hewitt, project manager of the trust fund, said.
But he says he still thinks the technology is important.
Brian Owen, a contributor to trade magazine LED, said while it is a good thing that cities are exploring LED lighting, \"they have to do their due diligence.
A rash decision can lead to disappointment or disaster.
At the same time, almost every month of scientific progress is solving many problems, slightly reducing the high price of light bulbs and improving their ability to provide ordinary white light bright enough to illuminate rooms and streets.
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At present, for example, many LEDs are made of precious materials such as sapphire.
But government scientists
The University of Cambridge-funded lab has figured out how to grow them on silicon wafers, which may make the lights cheaper.
Although the original LEDs only emit red or green light, more and more blue light than the new version can be used to simulate incandescent lamps.
Researchers at dozens of universities are working to make bulbs more useful.
Jon Creyts, author of the McKinsey report, said: \"This is a very fast learning curve . \" He predicted that the technology could be widely used in five years.
So far, the use of led is mainly in the outdoor environment.
Toronto, Raleigh, Ann Arbor and Anchorage
Not to mention Tianjin, China and Torraca, Italy.
Street and parking lot lighting uses LEDs, giving up the yellow glow of traditional high-rise
Pressure sodium lamp.
Three big cities in CaliforniaLos Angeles (
140,000 street lamps), San Jose (62,000)
San Francisco (30,000)—
Some LED conversions have started.
Ann Arbor adopted the technology very early, working with relome Technologies in Oxford, Michigan.
Designed LEDs suitable for downtown lamps.
The $515 cost of installing each lamp will be rewarded in four years and four months with reduced maintenance and electrical costs, said City\'s area Mike Burgren
Operations manager.
Because the light emitted by LEDs can be modulated, they are programmed to perform a variety of useful tricks in Ann Arbor --
It becomes brighter when someone walks under the light or flashes outside the house to guide the caregiver into an emergency.
They don\'t attract bugs because they don\'t emit UV rays.
People who live near Raleigh Carolina pine park say they are happy with the park\'s new LED lights as they can be guided down from the windows at home.
Advertising also moves quickly indoors, which could have a huge impact on climate change.
About 20% of the carbon dioxide emissions associated with buildings in the United States and the United Kingdom are related to indoor lighting;
In some houses, the number is as high as 40%.
This month, LED lights became the center of the world\'s two major lighting trade shows for the first time, light fare International in New York and EuroLuce in Milan.
More and more builders are starting to install them in public buildings, offices and homes.
Ted Van Haining, technical director of activities at Renaissance Cleveland Hotel, said the new LED lights in the hotel conference room used 10% of the fluorescent lamps they replaced.
Maintenance costs are much lower: fluorescent bulbs can last 3,000 hours when LED fixtures last more than 100,000 hours, Mr.
Fan Haining said: \"We have six.
These lights can represent a huge savings.
Besides, they are cool, sexy and fun.
\"Inspired by technological advances, Buckingham Palace\'s lighting designer and energy consultant, Peter Bourne, installed 32,000 custom LEDs on the ceiling of the large stairwell while the old lamps were worn out. Mr.
Byn admits Buckingham Palace is not an ordinary family.
\"They need highquality light —
He said: \"They have a lot of gold and gold will look silver if you don\'t have a good light.
Nevertheless, for the benefit of their light and environment, he has started using the technology in other projects.
He estimates that half of the lights in homes, especially in offices and shops, can already be replaced by LEDs.
\"The led cannot be used in all the lights at this point, but it changes every month ,\"Byrne said.
\"If you go to Wal-Mart
Look at those twins-
You will find that there is great potential in every aisle.
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