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by:ILED     2019-12-26
Learn all about different types of bulbs in our handy guide.
Over the past few decades, your local big light bulb aisle
Box store is a very simple place: the incandescent lamp that the eyes can see, there are some special types in the end, there is no more than 40-watt and 75-watt bulbs.
Now you will face a dazzling array of bulb options.
Compact fluorescent (CFL)
The bulb leads the way with a twisted curve
Tube design, once you get used to it, LEDs (LED)
The light bulb is popular for a while, this is when you enter the fluorescent lamp, halogen lamp, high
Intensity Discharge and other types of bulbs. Never fear!
Here are some of the more common different types of bulbs, their pros and cons, and some basic terms that help you organize your home lighting choices.
Here are some of the more common different types of bulbs you will encounter when lighting your home.
Traditional incandescent lamps, tungsten-
Telegram by Thomas Edison
The stylish bulb of your youth is hard to find now.
Because their energy efficiency is poor compared to newer models, they have completely stopped production and the only incandescent lamps you can buy now come from existing stock.
While some adjustments are needed for their losses, you won\'t miss them.
They have been on average for a year, wasting their energy like crazy.
Your home and electricity bill is better than anything else.
You probably never heard of CFL ten years ago (
Compact fluorescent lamp)bulb.
But this twisted little bulb has become more and more common in recent years, so that they may have basically surpassed the aisles of your local store.
They cost more than incandescent lamps, but their energy efficiency is worth it in the long run.
Because they produce light through exciting gases rather than heating wires, they are not so easy to break or go out.
This gives them nine points.
A year\'s life, so the upfront cost will be paid by itself over time.
Of course, there are different types of fluorescent bulbs.
Of course, CFL is common, just like the familiar old fluorescent tubes you still see in many schools and workplaces. . . (Continued here)
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