hack the heat: don\'t get too steamed about keeping your water hot

by:ILED     2019-11-23
This week we are hiding in the basement for you, or maybe in the back porch, or maybe in the oversized kettle that is hidden in the closet for heating.
The hot water is huge-
When it comes to energy consumption, ticket projects.
Nevertheless, you can still take some simple and affordable steps to reduce the amount of electricity we use for home hot water.
At the same time, you need to pay attention to protecting the health of your family.
Hacker Fever: How do you recover the electricity before the house that costs $3,000 a year in Musk Rutter collapses, using 27,273 KW hours a year.
About 5,454 of them, or 109,500 KW hours, are used to heat about liters of water each year for families with an average of four people to clean and cook. (
About 75 liters per person per day).
For an average of more than a year, it takes 1 KW to heat 20 liters of water to 60 degrees Celsius (140 F), the CSA-
Default settings approved.
Let\'s break it down.
Heating water: kWh/year (hot water only)
Cost after 202134%)
$1,854 KW $204 shower at 408 hours (25%)
$1,364 KW $150 bath @ 87 liters ea at 300 hours. (17%)
* $927 KW $102 washing machine at 204 **(14%)
$84 $764 KW dishwasher at 168 **(. 04%)
$24 $48 leak at 218 KW (one drop/sec . 05%)
272 KW when 30 dollars 60 dollar 45,399 KW an arcane * 594 dollar 1,188*87 L including hot water and cold water of the sum.
** Additional electrical charges for operating motors, pumps, heaters and timers are not here. (
In the next column, we will discuss the electricity usage of electrical appliances and technologies. )
* The difference at 55 KW is lost in rounding.
The last column of the project is the cost for a period of time after the launch of the Musk falls.
Cold water may not be safe, so is this the best setting for the water heater? Yes.
According to Dave Edison, he sold thousands of water heaters for a long time
In your career, you should not reduce the temperature-
Electricity can be saved even if the temperature is lowered.
Attempts to save money can hurt your health.
\"Any setting below 140 F is against [
Those of us who do this business]
He said in an interview.
\"Bacteria will grow by 135.
8 degrees, \"he said,\" it will grow among millions of people and cause serious damage to the elderly and children.
\"He has news clips from the United States that attribute\" at least 28 deaths from veterans diseases and other diseases \"to tanks set to 120F or 48. 9 C.
But, he warned, on the 140 th Floor, hot water burns the skin in seconds, so safety is a problem, especially for young children, caution is necessary, ensure that the hot water is warm with cold water.
In the fall of 1960, Edison sold his first water heater for Smith Stockley.
In the past 30 years, this 77-
One year old was an agent in Quebec.
The last CSA manufacturer giant based in Canada
Approved residential water heater.
Edison said that the basic design of the water heater has not changed much over time, but the standards for manufacturing and energy-efficient operation have changed.
Water heaters manufactured in Canada must comply with CSA standards and the EnergyStar specifications of Natural Resources Canada in order to better heat the water tank and improve the heating efficiency of the components.
\"40 gallons and 60 gallons are the standard for residential applications,\" he said . \". A40-gallon (151-litre)
He usually recommends the use of water tanks because the loss of spare heating is less than 60 (227 litres).
One problem with 40, however, is that in winter when the water inlet is so cold (around 4. 5C)
Sometimes the hot water runs out of the gallon tank
As these of us can prove, who is trying to take a shower after the children take a shower. Want to save?
According to Edison, in order to reduce power consumption and reduce the possibility of a cold shower, some practical tips help to save the use of hot water.
Make sure your hot water tank is set at the right temperature-that is, 60 ° c or 140 F.
Make sure it\'s energy star if you buy a new onecertified.
If you have a dishwasher, please use the energy saving or water saving settings.
Use it only when it\'s full.
Wash and rinse your clothes in cold water.
Can save 800 KW hours or more a year.
There are detergents specially developed for use in cold water.
Install high-performance shower heads and taps. (
At some point in the year, utilities offer instant rebates for these products. )A five-
According to Edison, the minute shower with an energy-efficient shower head uses less hot water than the bathtub and usually requires 87 liters or more.
Even if you don\'t use hot water at home, warm water loses heat.
You can use a heat cover to slow down these \"standby\" losses by using thermal insulation around your tank and around the pipes that connect it to the rest of the house.
Edison has some suggestions in this regard.
Wrap the water heater tank with an approved insulating blanket.
Follow the installation and manufacturing instructions and do not cover the control unit.
If there is space, place a layer of rigid foam under the heater.
According to Edison, hot traps are standard on most heaters.
Hot traps prevent hot water from expanding into pipes with the largest heat loss on standby.
However, if your heater is not, then ask the plumber to include this simple pipe arrangement in the equipment
For your next heater.
By installing the heater as close to the kitchen and the main bathroom as possible, minimize the length of the pipe through which the water flows.
Be sure to pack as many hot water pipes as possible with RSI 0. 35 (R-2)
Rated pipe insulation.
According to Edison, another good way to save on standby loss is to turn off the water heater when you leave.
\"Shut it completely in [electrical]
In the panel, \"he said.
He also suggested closing the inlet and outlet valves.
\"When you come back, make sure you open the valve first before you turn [the heater]
Because 40 gallons of oil will swell to 40 gallons. 843 gallons.
Another way to heat hot water is the instantaneous water heater, which is popular in more southern climates.
The instantaneous heater heats the water when using it, not the pre-hot water and keeps it in the insulated tank.
Edison investigated the technology and found that the devices did not work well in the climate of Newfoundland and Labrador.
Eliminating the loss of backup heating can save some money, but the problem is getting enough hot water with useful flow.
\"The water temperature here is too low and the standard unit does not provide satisfactory heat.
\"In winter, the investment in heating water at a high enough flow rate will cost you a lot of money,\" he said . \". Imagine if . . .
If you live in an ordinary family, it is likely that you will pay $600 a year for hot water.
This will double to $1,200 before you can say the Musk mouse has fallen hundreds of times.
I don\'t like this.
It\'s too early.
If you want to join the fight against these additions, it\'s time to protest and one of the best ways to get your voice heard to reduce the power you burn.
Then, imagine if 50,000 homeowners like you and me reduced the power consumption of our hot water by 25.
Together with other homeowners, we will reduce total power demand by 273 gigawatts.
Well . . . . . . This may wipe away the smile on someone\'s face.
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