house gop fails to turn off light bulb standards

by:ILED     2019-11-19
House Republicans failed to block the new energy bill Tuesday.
They describe energy conservation standards as another example of government intervention in people\'s lives.
The Republican bill that overturned the standard that came into effect next year did not meet two --
It takes more than thirty years to pass.
233 of the vote193.
For many Republicans, these novel curly fluorescent bulbs are the last straw, driven by an over-expanding government that forces people to buy health insurance that drives them to get more
Efficient car, put your nose into too many places.
Their legislation will keep the market clear about cheap energy.
Waste bulbs that have barely changed since Thomas Edison was invented in 1879.
For most Democrats, like the old incandescent lamp being squeezed out of the market, generating more heat than light is an angry debate.
Instead of specifically banning old bulbs, the relevant standards require higher efficiency than classic products, essentially rolling them out of store shelves in the coming years.
Four generations of Edison said that the great inventor would be ashamed to see politicians trying to make the country stick to outdated technology when there are better bulbs.
The previous standards were not particularly controversial.
They were drafted by Republicans in 2007 and signed into law by President George w. Bush. Bush.
Polls found that people seem to like new options and the energy savings they bring.
But now they have become a symbol of greater differences in the size and influence of the government itself.
The new bulbs suggest to some conservatives that the big government is out of control.
\"Now the government wants to tell consumers what type of bulb they use to read, cook, watch TV or light up the garage,\" the representative said . \".
Michael BurgessTexas.
\"I have no objection to the CFLs that bend the tail,\" said the representative . \". Joe Barton, R-
Texas is the driving force behind efforts to save old incandescent lamps and a sponsor of the standard bill.
But let the old bulbs go away \"it seems to me that the federal government has done too much.
\"Republicans say people who are now spending 30 or 40 cents on bulbs shouldn\'t be forced to spend $6 on fluorescent bulbs or more (light-emitting diode)lighting.
\"If you\'re Al Gore and want to buy a light bulb for $10, give you more power,\" Barton said . \".
He exaggerated the cost of most energy.
Efficient bulbs, and ignoring the mention that they live longer than the old incandescent lamps, the old incandescent lamps convert about 90% of the energy they consume into heat and only 10% into light.
Representative of the Republican presidential candidate
Earlier this year, Michelle bach man of Minnesota complained that under President Barack Obama, \"We bought a bureaucracy and now it tells us which bulbs we should buy.
\"The Obama administration, which opposes the Barton bill, said that in 2015 alone, lighting standards that are being implemented gradually will save nearly $6 billion.
The US Department of Energy says upgrading 15 inefficient incandescent lamps in a home can save homeowners $50 a year.
Lighting accounts for about 10% of household electricity.
The White House says standards drive the United StatesS.
Create jobs and reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions.
The incandescent lamp did not disappear. Today\'s energy-
Savings options include incandescent lamps that are more efficient and expensive than the old standard. Rep. Ed Markey, D-Mass.
The new Sylvania incandescent lamp meets the efficiency standard at a cost of $1. 69.
\"You don\'t have to buy those interesting things --
\"It looks like a new light bulb,\" he said . \"
According to the existing rules, the efficiency of the new bulb must be 25-30% higher than the traditional incandescent lamp. As of Jan.
2012, inefficient 100-
Watt bulbs will no longer be available in most stores.
And the traditional 75-
2013 and 40-watt and 60-
The Watt version was in 2014.
The National Resource Protection Commission said that when the law was fully implemented in 2020, energy costs would be reduced by 7% per year, or $85 per household.
The company says more efficient bulbs will eliminate the need for 33 large power plants.
The propaganda team submitted a statement by Edison\'s relatives in support of the new standard.
\"Edison will surely realize the wave of the future ---profits --
\"It\'s to make it better and cheaper, yes, cleaner and more efficient,\" said Barry Edison Sloan . \"grandson.
Said Robert Wheeler.
Nephew: \"Technology has changed. Embrace it.
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