house to vote to ban rules on new light bulbs

by:ILED     2019-11-21
Some lawmakers say it is an offence to personal freedom to have to buy a curved fluorescent bulb because the House decides whether to overturn a law that sets new energy sources --
Efficiency standard for bulbs.
House Republicans are pushing for a piece of legislation that will overturn a measure in the 2007 Energy Act that will require greater efficiency in old energy
The old-fashioned incandescent lamp, barely changed since the invention of Thomas Edison in 1879.
Republicans say the new standard was signed into law by President George w. Bush.
Bush, a symbol of an excessive federal government, should have the right to buy traditional, cheap and reliable incandescent lamps.
The Obama administration and environmental activists say new light bulbs in the market will save American families billions of dollars in energy costs.
Legislation promoted by delegates. Joe Barton, R-
Texas is considering under a procedure that requires two people to participate.
Most passed.
As Democrats on the Energy and Commerce Council urge their colleagues to oppose the bill, it is not easy to achieve and the bill faces bleak prospects for Democrats
Senate control.
The House may vote on Tuesday.
For some Republicans, the new standard is a clear example of the Big Brother government.
Barton said the legislation was \"not just about energy consumption.
This is about personal freedom.
\"After the Republican Party took over the house, when Barton competed with the representative, the bulb became a problem. Fred Upton, R-Mich.
Chairman of the energy group.
Upton worked with Democrats to draft the light bulb provisions in the 2007 Energy Act and ended up getting the job, but Barton got his bill on the legislative calendar.
Upton supports Barton now.
\"The public\'s response to this issue is a clear signal that the market, not the government, should drive technological progress,\" he said . \".
Conservative Conversation
The host of the program also jumped on this issue.
\"Let incandescent lamps and freedom --
That\'s the way America is, \"said Rush Limbaugh.
Representative of the Republican presidential candidate
In her free response to President Barack Obama\'s State of the Union address earlier this year, Minnesota\'s Michelle bach man said that under Obama\'s leadership, \"We bought a bureaucracy, now tell us which bulb to buy.
Supporters of Barton\'s bill also mentioned higher demands.
Pre-cost of energy-
High efficiency bulbs and Mercury in compact fluorescent lamps or CFLs are at risk for health.
Consumers should have the option to pay 30 cents or 40 cents for older people, Barton said
CFL or higher for LED is $6 (light-emitting diode).
\"If you\'re Al Gore and want to buy a light bulb for $10, give you more power,\" he said . \".
But \"let people make their own choices.
Democrats waving new energy
High-efficiency incandescent lamps made in the United States cost $1. 50 range.
\"Yes, it will cost a few cents more.
But let me tell you that you start saving coins when you screw these onto the socket, \"said the representative. Rush Holt, D-N. J.
Those who support the new standard say that the risk of mercury is negligible and say that the new incandescent and LED bulbs do not contain mercury.
In a statement issued on Monday, the Obama administration said it opposes the bill because it will repeal the standards that drive growth in the US economy. S.
Create new jobs in manufacturing and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
The White House says the bulbs will save nearly $6 billion for American families in 2015 alone.
Energy, energy-
Since the 1970 s, energy-saving improvements in refrigerators now save Americans $20 billion a year, or $150 a family.
\"It\'s not time to roll back common sense standards that have been achieved with bipartisan support, which will save families $6 billion in energy costs,\" said the ministry spokesman Damien LaVera . \"
The National Resource Protection Commission said that when the law was fully implemented in 2020, energy costs would be reduced by 7% per year, or $85 per household.
The company says more efficient bulbs will eliminate the need for 33 large power plants.
Supporters stressed that the new regulations do not prohibit incandescent lamps or any specific bulb type, and the store has provided energy options
Save incandescent lamps, led and curly CFLs that some people feel are not beautiful.
Instead, the efficiency of the new bulb must be 25-30% higher than the current incandescent lamp, which converts only 10% of the energy into electricity and the rest as heat. As of Jan.
2012, inefficient 100-
Watt bulbs will no longer be available in most stores.
This will apply to 75-
2013 and traditional 40 W bulband 60-
Watt light bulb in 2014
USA Today and Gallup found in February that 61% thought the law was good and 31% thought it was bad.
Seven out of ten said they had turned to more energy.
Efficient bulbs, 84% of people say they are not
Incandescent lamp.
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