house votes down \"light bulb ban\" bill

by:ILED     2019-12-11
CBS on Tuesday rejected a bill in the House that critics call a ban on traditional light bulbs.
The \"better use of light bulbs act\" or the \"Light Bulbs Act\" will abolish the efficiency standards set out in the energy independence and Safety Act of 2007.
That legislation.
President George W signed into law
With the support of both parties, Bush
The efficiency of the bulb is required to increase by 30% in 2012.
Then, by 2020, it became increasingly strict with efficiency standards.
These standards are formulated to save energy and reduce pollution.
Popular news: Google Cloud is down and missing. Connecticut\'s mother, Virginia Beach, shot protesters and interrupted Harris supporters of the representative-sponsored light bulb bill.
Joe Barton said that because traditional incandescent lamps do not meet strict standards in terms of cost
Efficient way they will be eliminated to support more energyefficient -
Not ideal.
There are curly fluorescent bulbs and LED bulbs to choose from.
Fluorescent bulbs are more expensive than conventional incandescent bulbs, although the gap is narrowing as newer bulbs become cheaper. The so-
For conservatives and libertarians who complain about the government\'s over-regulation of the market, the so-called \"light bulb ban\" has become a point of convergence.
They found a champion among the Republican presidential candidates.
Michelle bach Mann vowed earlier this year that if she became president, \"allow you to buy any light bulb you want \".
Talk show host Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Baker also supported the issue, with Limbaugh saying in the air, \"let incandescent lamps and freedom ---
This is the way the United States. \"Rep.
Texas Republican Michael Burgess
Before the congressional vote, Fox News complained that the bill was initiated by sponsors, \"moving into an area that does not belong to it, picking winners and losers in the light bulb manufacturing process.
\"When I came home at night, the federal government had no right to dictate to me the wavelength I used to read the newspaper,\" Burgess added, who said, new bulbs are more expensive, more dangerous and less efficient than traditional bulbs.
The upcoming standards have caused problems with traditional incandescent lamps in some home improvement shops, and some consumers have stored these bulbs before the standards come into effect.
Bachmann introduced her own bill to repeal the standards of the Energy Independence and Safety Act, but the House adopted the light bulb act. (
Barton, unlike bach man, is a member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, which has jurisdiction over the issue. )
Although Barton\'s bill is the majority of the Republican Partyled House -
The result of the vote was 233 in favor and 193 in opposition.
It fails because it takes two in a way-In his thirties
Even if the bill is passed, it is unlikely that the Democratic Party will pass --
Senate control.
Democrats say 2007 does not ban incandescent lamps because they are more efficient to use. They noted that the standard was supported by nearly 100 Republicans.
They quoted the Natural Resources Conservation Commission as saying the standards would save Americans more than $12.
5 billion of energy costs per year, with an average of $85 per household per year.
Democrats also criticized Republicans for being only interested in political gestures, noting that the Energy and Commerce Commission has approved only a dozen bills in this Congress, none of which was proposed by President Obama.
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