how christmas lights work

by:ILED     2020-01-04
LED lights and holiday projectors are new developments in Christmas lights.
Henry Joseph round is considered to have discovered the lightLEDs (LED)
1907, but led was not commercially used until 1960 seconds.
LED lights do not have filaments that burn out and they produce light without increasing heat.
LEDs are illuminated by electrons moving in semiconductor materials.
The first LED Christmas light was sold in 1998, to the mid-term
Christmas tree in the United States in his 2010 sS.
Capitol and Rockefeller Center light up with LED lights onlySource: Gardner.
Although LED lights cost more upfront than conventional incandescent lamps, it consumes 80% less energy than conventional incandescent lamps and lasts longer [
Source: Wood and constituency.
Another benefit is that these lights are usually programmable, allowing the user to change the color of the lights and choose a different flashing mode.
They also have a variety of shapes and styles.
The laser projector is no longer just for night clubs.
Now your house has access to all the kaleidoscope fun!
Holiday projectors first appeared in the United States. S.
Market conditions in 2015 [
Source: Kavilanz].
When these projectors point to a house, they produce special effects such as snow or flying reindeer.
They work like this: the light goes through the lens, the lens is enlarged and the picture is displayed.
Unlike traditional projectors that use bulbs, laser projectors use LEDs to produce light [SOURCE Poretsky].
Holiday laser projectors are popular as they are easier to install than string lights, especially when decorating the roof.
However, these projectors may interrupt air traffic if used improperly.
As of June 30, 2017, there were 2,933 laser incidents involving aircraft reported to the FAA, less than in 2016, but more than in 2015 [
Source: Patrick Murphy.
When the laser hits the plane, the pilot and other crew members may be temporarily blind, have headaches and shed tears in their eyes.
It is important that consumers point these projectors directly to their home, not the sky.
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