how led lighting is better than conventional lighting

by:ILED     2020-03-12
LEDs or LED lighting is a way of lighting that saves 25% more energy than conventional bulbs.
If you have a big house that requires a lot of lighting, this light is perfect for you.
As we all know, the life of the LED light is 10 times that of any ordinary light bulb, which again reduces your installation cost, because a family spends a considerable amount of money on replacing the light bulb in one year.
The advantages are huge if you start comparing with regular bulbs.
The life expectancy of these lights is 20 years, which makes them very useful and can be installed on the underground surface of the stairs or on the roof where it is often inaccessible.
The quality of the light emitted by these bulbs is also very good, unlike the dim and cold light emitted by fluorescent bulbs, making the home feel like an industrial workshop.
Incandescent lamps or ordinary bulbs also have the disadvantages of their heat to warm your home, which will not happen in LED lights.
The 15-watt LED light produces light equivalent to 100-watt incandescent lamps and 30-watt fluorescent lamps.
The use of LED sled lighting can be used at home, in the garden and even in various places of the car.
They are an interesting way to decorate your garden to make it more attractive.
These lights have a beam of focused light, so they can be placed in a strategic position and focused on something.
Because the life of these lights is also very long, they can be turned on for a long time to produce any special effect.
To decorate your car, the led is now a very popular option again.
These lights add dramatic effects to your car body and are a complex part of automotive engineering.
LED lights are available in various colors and can be used in various body parts of the car.
The LED light can be bent easily, which also helps to illuminate areas hidden or under the body.
When lighting with LED lights, the whole look of your car will change dramatically.
If you take into account the shortcomings of the LED light, it is actually hard to find.
As a result, most families or individuals switch from traditional incandescent lamps or fluorescent lamps to LEDs.
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