how many hipsters does it take to change the lightbulb?

by:ILED     2020-03-01
The antique-
From New York to London, stylish lamps and lanterns are rapidly becoming the design essentials for the hobbar, hip bauants and stylish homes that help save the planet
Let people continue to buy. The old-
Vintage bulbs look like the inefficient incandescent technology introduced by Thomas Edison in 1878, which can encourage people to replace more than once in a decade, even if the world is turning to greener bulbs
By rearranging the LED chips to one strip inside the bulb, rather than one cluster, bulb manufacturers have found that they can satisfy the human natural desire for warmth, natural light, and the first generation of LED bulbs have failed to provide.
\"People are looking for Sparks and comfortable warm effects you see in incandescent lamps,\" said Kristof Vermeersch, head of global product management at Philips lighting NV . \".
Changing the lighting style may help drive sales of LED bulbs, otherwise they need to be replaced every 10 to 15 years because they are much more efficient than incandescent lamps that need to be replaced several times a year.
\"The real problem with LED lighting is that bulbs last for a long time, so they don\'t have an alternative cycle for these markets to continue to make money,\" said Tom Rowland . \"
Reese, New Energy Finance analyst at Bloomberg.
Now the industry has found a way for people to pay more for lighting because it\'s cool, \"not because they need it,\" he said . \".
When the Japanese company, ushio Inc. , first unveiled the thin-wire LED technology
It was not immediately hit in 2008.
However, over the past two years, the price of Philips GE Lighting has fallen as the design has improved, and larger manufacturers have begun to produce them.
Justin Wang, chief executive of AXP Technology Inc. , said: \"When LED first came out, it looked like alien material . \"
A California company that Introduces Thin-wire LED in the United StatesS.
\"But when the filament LED comes out, it looks like a familiar incandescent lamp.
Just four years ago, the market for thin-wire led was small, mainly in several Nordic countries.
Now, shipments are growing rapidly, and the global market value will reach $20 billion by 2020.
Shipment and price forecast.
Thin-wire LEDs can also solve a problem for policy makers who have long wanted to ban inefficient incandescent lamps, but consumers oppose old bulbsstyle look.
According to a YouGov poll, almost third of Britons who voted out of the EU in 2016 said they wanted to see the return of old bulbs banned by Brussels bureaucrats.
Even Donald Trump mistakenly warned on twitter on 2012 that energy
Saving Bulbs can cause cancer because they emit very little ultraviolet light.
With better aesthetics, filament LEDs can help speed up the switching speed of 7 billion incandescent lamps that are still illuminating the Earth.
According to the United Nations, as poor countries gain more power, demand for light is expected to grow by 50% over the next two decades.
Switching to LEDs can offset some of these increases and avoid releasing more than 0. 39 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide each year.
It is still difficult for consumers to distinguish between incandescent and filament LED, and manufacturers like GE say they need to do more to promote the benefits of this growing market.
\"LED has always been a tricky sale because you have to teach this technology to consumers and retailers,\" said matt Sommers, consumer innovation manager at GE Lighting . \".
\"We can\'t just assume that they can see it and know what it is. ”—
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