how to create a great outdoor christmas light display

by:ILED     2020-01-04
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Credit: BAfriendTo first decides how big a Christmas decoration display you want to build;
It can be as big or as small as you want, and it can be as great as it is.
Either way, you should consider the theme, color, decoration type and layout, and how much work you want to put into imagining the presentation.
This way you can start buying and positioning the types of Christmas lighting and decorations you need.
You will also need a large number of extension cables of various sizes from 6 ft to 100 ft as well as three-way plugs (
Used to insert multiple lighting lines into one main extension line).
Make sure the wire set in your home is enough to hold your monitor.
You shouldn\'t try to buy everything at once, but when you build a monitor, you should plan to buy a bit at a time, because before you start building a monitor, it\'s hard to really know how much or exactly what you need.
Buying in post-Christmas sales is a great way to store supplies to save money and prepare for next year\'s presentation.
With so many outdoor Christmas decorations you have a lot of options to choose from and you can add them to your presentation.
A very good presentation may include each of them.
You of some best select including the following content: Mini string: These small light bulb string usually from 15 feet more than of 35 lights start some string most have 200 lamp light extension to 100.
These lights are available from incandescent or LED lights.
Incandescent lamps have a wider range of uses and are cheaper but use more electricity and are not durable.
LED lights are becoming more and more popular, available in many retail locations, and soft lighting looks like incandescent lamps, which may be a little more expensive (
But prices are falling)
But it uses less electricity and is very durable.
This type of lighting line is perfect for illuminating trees and shrubs, outlining houses and buildings, and making metal wireframe lighting spheres to hang on trees, like snowballs, if they are white.
Ths has a lot of applications in the design of mini filament, and there are no restrictions.
C7 and C9 filaments: these very large bulbs look great, but heavy, and are likely to fit in houses, buildings, and trees with very strong branches.
A filament like a mini filament has the same advantages and disadvantages in incandescent or LED lights.
This type of lighting chain can be found in many large retail and online locations.
AIRBLOWNS: Airblowns are graphics made of dense fabrics with electric fans that expand them according to the shape of the graphics.
If you take care of and maintain your air conditioning, they will easily last for you for more than 5 years, the fan motor may be the culprit of the first failure, if there is a failure, fan motors must be repaired or replaced to inflate.
Christmas airport has almost any conceivable shape or size that can be found in large retail and online stores.
Figures for metal wire frame lighting: these numbers are made of metal (
Do not buy them if they are plastic as they are easily damaged and may not last for a long time)
Made into a frame with lights (
Mini lights often)
Create figures like the birth of Jesus and the Snowman.
They can create 2D shapes or 3D shapes.
These are usually fairly solid numbers that will last you for many years and depending on the quality they can be quite cheap or high and can be purchased in many retail or online stores.
Blow molding mold: blow molding mold is the luminous plastic mold produced since the 1940s.
You will find them in a variety of different shapes, sizes and graphics.
There are blowing models made by various companies, depicting the birth of Jesus, Angels, Santa Claus, candles, etc.
Blow molding molds have been around for a long time, but many manufacturers have abandoned production in recent years.
There are some products that produce some high quality molds that you can find at reasonable prices in some large retail and online stores.
The biggest benefit of blow molding dies is that they are made of durable hard plastic if treated (
Avoid direct sunlight)
They usually stay in good shape for decades.
Flea markets and thrift stores are another great place to look for blow molding molds, and it\'s not surprising to find intact molds in the 1960s s.
Attention should be paid to properly fixing the blow molding mold in the outdoor display because strong winds can damage the mold.
There are no other Christmas decorations that match the durability of blow molds.
If damaged, the lamp sockets in the blow mold are easily replaced, and the only real downside is that they are large and take up extra space.
Some large retailers do not sell blow molds, in part because of their size, and if you buy a certain blow mold from them, unless you want a copy, otherwise you may not have to buy it anymore.
The Christmas blow molding mold is a great addition to the outdoor display.
Final ideas: these are the better types of outdoor Christmas decorations you would like to include in your presentation so far.
As explained above, they provide you with a durable product and bring great value to your money.
A few quick tips for the presentation: If you can, highlight a scene of the birth of Jesus in your presentation, as this is the reason for this season.
If you decorate trees or shrubs with a few wisp of mini lights, please use solid colors such as white, blue, green, etc. Muli-
Colored lines tend to blur all kinds of colors together, and when there are multiple objects, a single color will shine brightly to form a strong contrast (
Different colors)
Looks great.
The pure white light or any other solid color looks great on the building.
In the store, pick up a large number of lighting clips and fix the Light Wire in the ditch, wooden tile, etc.
Try several types to see which one works best.
Surface of wood (
It is better to have an unpainted surface instead of a vinyl surface)
Tape can also be used to fix the light wire that the clip doesn\'t work, just make sure to check the tape every other one to two weeks to make sure it doesn\'t loosen, which can happen when there is a high level of moisture in the air.
Try hanging a light wire rack sphere of different colors on the tree.
Of course, you have to buy or make the frame yourself.
Try to leave a message under the lights on the walls of the building, such as: Happy birthday to Jesus, holiday greetings, Merry Christmas, etc.
Really try to balance the display by mixing different colors and decoration types.
Create your outdoor Christmas lights display and enjoy a happy season.
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