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by:ILED     2019-12-26
The use of fluorescent bulbs helps to reduce energy use and waste, because the use time of bulbs is 10 times longer and the energy consumption is reduced by 75% compared with the old incandescent lamps.The fluorescent bulb has either a CFLs (compact fluorescent bulb) or a longer tube, ranging from 2 to 8 feet.The 4-Foot fluorescent tubes contain about 8 mg of mercury, so you have to deal with them like you do with other hazardous wastes.
Your disposal options include recycling or bringing bulbs to a hazardous waste center.Call the local health department to ask about the release of hazardous wasteWebsite near you.Ask for any fees they may charge.Some drop-CFLs may be accepted for free off-site, but others may charge 4-foot tube.
Similarly, some hazardous waste facilities may accept light pipes from homes for free, but they may charge the Enterprise for disposal.Ask your Sanitation Department about a recycling center near you that accepts fluorescent tubes.Some home improvement shops offer plans to recycle fluorescent lamps.
In addition, visit LampRecycle.
Org that provides a list of nearby recycling centers.Place the cracked fluorescent tube in a plastic bag that can be re-sealed.Place the bag in another plastic bag that can be re-sealed and dispose of the light tube in your home garbage.
If the 4-The pipe of the foot length cannot be placed in a plastic bag that can be re-sealedPack it in plastic garbage bags and tie them tightly together
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