how to string lights on an outdoor tree

by:ILED     2020-01-10
Whether you\'re going to string lights on an outdoor tree as a Christmas decoration or a year-round decoration, some of the things you might want to know will make the task easier.
First of all, the lights on the outdoor trees are more than just Christmas decorations.
Many shopping centers, hotels and other businesses use transparent string lights on outdoor trees all year round.
Many homeowners do the same because the string lights on the outdoor trees provide quiet and soothing lighting while adding beauty to their landscape.
Before you rush to the store to buy these lights for your outdoor tree, you should do something first, which may save you time later.
First of all, you obviously want to decide which tree you plan to decorate with string lights.
Since they require power, you should find the nearest power outlet and determine the length of the extension cord you need.
Next, use any type of string to wrap the string around the tree where you want the lights to go out.
The rope is then measured to determine the length of light required for the outdoor trees.
Doing these two things will only add a small amount of time to your project, but this may save you one or two extra trips to the store later.
In addition to the use of ladders, PVC pipes can also make it easier to add lights to outdoor trees.
Depending on the height of the tree, pick up the PVC pipe of the right length, which will reach the top of the tree.
Generally 10 feet PVC pipe about 2 yuan.
You need to add a simple hook at one end of the PVC pipe.
Hangers or any heavy wire can work.
Once your listing is complete, it will be easy to buy the lights on the string, as there will be no guessing work on what length to buy.
Since you already have everything you need, you should be ready to add lights to the outdoor tree.
Before adding any lights, you should insert them first to make sure they all work properly.
When ready, start at the top of the tree.
You can reach the top of the tree using a ladder or PVC pipe.
Then, when you work down, you will want to turn around the lights on the trees outside.
The space between each row of lights does not have to be perfect.
Once the lights are wrapped all the way along your outdoor tree, you\'ll want to cram the string lights into the tree, just a little bit.
If you live in a windy place, you may need to fix the string lights with small wires.
Once it gets dark, it will be easier to make the necessary adjustments.
The end result will be a beautiful string of lights on the outdoor trees that provide soothing lighting for your yard.
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