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by:ILED     2020-08-12
Until one day stops the car, the conductor name 'next stop is ShenLuJie'.A 'god' word attracted my notice, immediately decided to get off to see.The man in the street a lot, remember to east walk is a building, a afterwards just know it is a three rooms seventh floor, I remember lapis archway stood looking down at that time, a good in this ancient buildings unexpectedly magical firmly at bay.Maybe I and the street really decree by destiny, two years later, our family moved to FangCaoDe west, blocks in wai street.It gave me the opportunity to more interested in the story of searching the streets to stay. Childhood we watch movies to roam the street, often through that arches, I remember the archway east is a two-story chaoyang drugstore.Close to its west is a household's bungalow, hided them under stacked with sundry, the bungalow and arched seems to be in an even.Through the archway is a large south two rows of thick bungalow, set pagoda tree archway and bungalow.Summer evening often see swift flying back and forth around it, like a swarm of squeaks a naughty children, the twilight it silently stand, more add a layer of sadness in mystery.Listen to the LaoZhuHu, said four old exterior archway break within an inch of the red army teenager was removed, heard that when Beijing imperial on ChengXianJie only saved the xiyuan street four and three rooms four-column arches.Archway into a city little antique. Later the growth as the age, I understand the old building itself is capital a walking dictionary.And I read a little old Beijing book.Just know this city really deserves the ancient capital of the six dynasties of culture, the seemingly very common in the hutongs and street may there hides a history of anecdote.I wondered: the ancient archway murphy and ShenLuJie name have what relation.Perhaps this is a segment of the god road, it in the time evolution of been quietly covered. Afterwards, I just in the archway of south about one kilometer ritan park have found in trace.Ritan park is one of the five altar in Beijing.Built in the YiWuSanLingNian jiaqing years, initially called offering the ritan.The Ming and qing dynasty emperors, park place of pilgrimage helios the central now retained a after repair, it is used for the altar and sacrifice, all around the walls around circle have lingxingmeng front-runner of white marble, green watts, lingxingmeng is set in a lush cypresses.North Ling star door god kurnous hutch, god, tower, northeastern have slaughtered the pavilion, sacrifice pavilion is slaughtered livestock slaughter sacrifice for the place.Tributes in ancient times with livestock when emperors ritual activities are common in the original a water-hole, pavilion, be exalted.East lingxingmeng and south Ling star outside of around a dense shocks wanshu by revealing these, this scene in a 1960's 'enterprise Chiang of guest words had description, west Ling star outside the house with northwest have served.Facing west tianmen place have Yi pool their furnace.Intermediate a straight road about 200 meters, it is now in a very ordinary ritan park road.That year with white marble here, this section of the road is called 'god road'.Emperors every spring is the most important sacrificial activities a long way.The emperor is 'the emperor', his activities and the god's gods have close relations, probably is this reason, so he earthly road, called 'god road', now the white marble road already some bumpy and mottled damaged, with obvious signs of aging, reportedly after each year during the Ming dynasty, the emperors were held here vernal equinox large ritual activities, the material of ritan museum that can reflect the ChaoYangMen royal pageantry, mightily, all the way from the exterior ShenLuJie through 7th floor three rooms, through the archway archway coloured glaze, straight ritan.Archway built in the late YiLiuLingQiNian emperor wanli in offering ritan 70 years.Overall the Ming dynasty social reeks of corruption wind, mei Lord, those trick, bill frist, in social life bribe every corner of the eunuchs, first, middle section is power, control, and finally discusses the treacherous eunuch in power and.Such social nature environment by segregation case is.To cater to the emperor's psychology, someone in the street on the archway chaowai HengBian elementary wrote 'yong delay emperor' a few words, single from the typeface look, it is undoubtedly all spiritual powerful, calligraphy classic.But it PanLongFuFeng hidden author of dark psychology.The results of the Ming dynasty 'countries without ever delay elementary'.38 years, its jiangshan, with the help of Beijing peasant rebel army fighters trodden upon, wall OARS to ashes.With the big tree 'imperial anti-espionage, like nai' for a laughing stock left, also left an ancient archway. I like winter sunshine, her most rich color with full of tender feeling, as if she is history old man's eyes, the evening light yellow, not the burning eyes, with a pair of hands, touching tenderness front-runner, I a person green watts go stealthily shoes: an archway, a period god road, let me touch a period of true history, the in the mind up out many regrets.
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