in the dark about bulbs? here\'s illuminating info

by:ILED     2019-12-21
A few days ago, I found myself at a loss in the light bulb aisle of the hardware store.
I might as well buy a vaporizer.
There are too many symbols and wording that I can\'t decipher and there are too many options (
LED, CFL, halogen light, flow light, Kelvin light, CRI light)
Not to mention the various brands (
GE, Philips, Corey, EcoSmart-
Each has its own packaging jargon).
Because when do you need an electrical engineering degree to buy a light bulb January marks the final stage of the federal government\'s mandatory elimination of certain ordinary bulbs --
Special incandescent lamp with 40-watt and 60-
The Watt bulb is the last one to go. (Hundred-and 75-
Although watt bulbs are still sold in the market, they are no longer produced. )
Very good run.
Since 134, we have lived under the golden light of his incandescent lamp.
The problem is that his bulb has no energy.
Therefore, the new naming technology was born.
This brings me back to my dilemma: I bought which new bulbs from John Strainic, general manager of General Electric\'s consumer lighting, provide some clues for my pursuit in New York, only the boss of the light bulb.
So you don\'t find yourself completely in the dark, it\'s their light bulb-
Buy advice: you need compatible bulbs if you have dimmers.
Look at the packaging.
If you have dimmers installed more than a year ago, you may need to replace them, Brooks said.
He explained: \"The new light bulb uses so little energy that the old light bulb
The dimmer doesn\'t even feel like there is a light bulb to dim.
\"Forget to buy the bulb by wattage, wattage only measures the energy used by the bulb,\" Strainic said . \".
\"Instead, shop by lumens and lumens measure the amount of light emitted by the bulb.
\"When you look at Lumens, you should know that the higher the lumens, the brighter the light.
For example, 100-
There are about 1,600 lumens in watt incandescent lamps, while 40 lumens
There are about 450 lumens in watt incandescent lamps.
Most manufacturers have conversion charts on their packaging and websites.
Charts are also provided by Star. gov.
This is where personal preferences and styles really work.
The bulbs have a variety of shades, each with a temperature level measured in Kelvin.
The lower the number of Kelvin (
Between 2,700 and 3,000)
The more yellow the light is, Kelvin (
Between 5,500 and 6,500)
The light is bluer.
White light is generally between 3,500 and 4,100.
Brooks recommends buying a couple of bulbs, each with a different Kelvin number to find out the bulb that works best for you.
Although LEDs will save you energy costs in the long run, it\'s hard for most of us to hit through stickers.
Start using LED bulbs in hard drivesto-
Fixed devices such as arrival of stair wells and double stair wells
Great Room.
Use a combination of CFLs and halogen lamps in other rooms, depending on your needs.
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