Is battery operated fairy lights tested before shipment?
Pre-shipment inspection (PSI) is one of the many quality control tests conducted by ILED lighting Technology Ltd.. This inspection is based on standard QC testing or on customer request. Based on these criteria and procedures, samples are randomly selected and defects are checked. For us, pre-shipment inspection is an important step in the quality control process and a way to check the quality of the battery operated fairy lights before shipment.

ILED is at the top of the indoor festoon lights industry. The edison bulb series has become a hot product of ILED. The production process of ILED copper wire lights is environmentally friendly. This involves the extraction of raw materials, the reduction of emissions, and the cycle of waste materials. The product is elegant to illuminate home or wedding venue. Its quality of workmanship is above average. Its power cord is certificated under UL.

Over the years, we insists on the management philosophy of plug in fairy lights. Please contact.
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