is led lighting expensive?

by:ILED     2019-11-29
Yes, the initial purchase of LED lights is much more expensive than the traditional incandescent lamps we used to have in 130.
However, buying an LED light should not be seen as another expense, but as an investment that may be the fastest return on your investment for both your home and business use, there is no number on the roulette table.
High quality led light will set you back more than 20, but would you be interested if I said to you that it will save you 20 energy costs in 12 months?
For ten years or more, it will give you a return of 20 a year and you will be more interested.
This is a return on investment of 1000%.
The latest generation LED lights provide light output similar to the ordinary 50w halogen lamps, but consume less than 10% of the power.
If you\'re thinking about a life span of up to 50,000 hours, then the rest is simple math. \".
For example: if you replace 10 ordinary 50w halogen lamps with 10 LED 9w GU10 lamps of equivalent strength, consume 4.
4 W, you will save more than 3 000.
It costs 2 for a halogen lamp. 00.
A GU10 LED will cost you £ 20.
Each LED light lasts 50,000 hours, while the halogen light can only last up to 2000 hours before it has to be replaced.
So you need 50,000 hours in 250 hours (25 x 10)halogens (
Cost 500 in total)
Or 10 LED lights (costing £200).
The original purchase price is one thing and the running cost is another.
It takes 50 watts to run each halogen lamp, and only 4 watts to run high quality LED lights. 4Watts.
Considering that the average domestic electricity price is around 13 p/kWh today.
Therefore, the cost of running halogen lamps for more than 50,000 hours will be around 300, and the cost of running LED will be 300.
This saves more than 90%.
You will spend 800 in total (300)
Buy and run your halogen salt.
If you replace them with LED lights, you only need to spend £ 500 (£200 + £300)
A total savings of 85%.
The best part it guarantees is the high quality LED light ,(
Not cheap version)
A minimum guarantee of three years will be obtained for more than 25,000 hours, so even if it fails after a three-year warranty period, your initial investment will save more than £ 1500.
Initial question \"Is LED lighting expensive?
\"Then I have to say no, this is probably the best investment a person can make, especially now that energy costs are rising and saving monthly overhead is the key to financial survival.
Remember, you will also reduce carbon emissions. print.
The less energy is used, the less carbon emissions will be.
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