kala launches sale of led tube lights, star-rated fans

by:ILED     2019-12-10
Minister of Energy K.
Kala Venkata Rao announced sales of LED lights and energy on Thursday-
Efficient fans at the office counter of APEPDCL.
The project called \"ujal\" is the responsibility of APEPDCL and AP National Energy Efficiency Development Corporation (APSEEDCO)
Energy efficiency services, public sector Limited (EESL).
The price of the tube lamp is RMB 220 (
500 in the open market)
The fan is 100 (
Market interest rate 800). Mr.
Kala Venkata Rao said it plans to distribute 12 lakh fans in the APEPDCL area.
In the Narsapuram area of West Godavari district, 45,000 stars-
Rated fan and 6,600 LED lights are provided.
\"The purpose of the campaign is to save electricity to a large extent.
Distribution of 2.
\"16 LED bulbs have given a lot more consumers and saved 1 thousand,\" he said . \".
Integrated counters will be set up across the state to supply energy
Efficient tube lights and fans, he said.
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