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by:ILED     2020-03-18
Koraput: ensure continuous power supply (
Boarding schools for SC and ST students)
Within Koraput, the district administration decided to set up rooftop solar units in 56 guest houses during the current fiscal year.
\"Because of the remote location, these schools are either not powered on or the power supply is unstable.
\"Students face difficulties in studying at night,\" said the collector . \" (Koraput)Jaya Kumar V.
Official sources say 8 sevashrams, 250 to 600 students in each of the 14 neighborhoods in the area, have been shortlisted for the project.
The final 56 will be selected from these.
These units will have at least four sevashrams settings per block.
\"Light bulbs and fans can be operated using solar energy.
These schools will supply LED light bulbs that consume less electricity, \"the district welfare officer (Koraput)Trinath Rao.
About 5 lakh will be used to install each unit, and funds from Gopabandhu Gramin Yojana will be used to install, he said.
\"According to the strength of the students, our monthly electricity bill ranges from Rs 5,000 to Rs 10,000.
The cost of solar power generation equipment will be reduced, \"Rao added.
There are 154 sevashrams in the region, which are managed by the department of ST and SC development.
The government has installed solar energy-
The electric hand pump 151 sevashrams helps students from the pipe well.
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