lamp for a usb led light bulb -

by:ILED     2020-03-15
I bought a USB LED bulb about a year ago.
The lights are handy and can be powered from my pc usb port or power pack, but the light is a bit harsh on the eyes.
What I want is a beautiful desk lamp so that I can use it on the table or have a power outage.
I found the base of the bulb installed in the 3/4 PVC coupling.
So I made a wooden base, cut a 3/4 PVC pipe and painted it. . .
I have a very convenient desk lamp. 1)
Usb led light Bulb2)Lamp shade3)
3/4 \"PVC pipe, cut to required length 4)
PVC coupling (3/4)
Buy 28 cents at Home Depot)5)
A piece of waste wood. . .
1x4 or 1x6 etc. 6)Self-
Pads7) furniture feltPaint (optional)1)
Drill bit2 with 1\"Saw3)Sand paper4)Pipe cutter (
Or just use your saw)5)
Dremel with Sander attachment (
Optional, but it makes the task easier)1)
Cut the waste wood into a square. 2)
Use 1 \"drill bit 3) drill holes in the center of the wooden base
Cut the PVC pipe to the required length (
About 18 \"seems to work well)
, Sand down end4)
There is a slight sand hole on the wooden base, so the PVC pipe can be installed comfortably inside
Paint base/pipe (optional)1)Attach self-
Stick the felt pad to the bottom of the base (
This gives space to the USB line)2)
Connect the PVC joint to the PVC pipe
Run the wire from the USB light through the top of the lamp and turn off the wire with shade4)
Plug in the USB power supply. . .
Prosperity, light.
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