led bulbs and aircraft engines a great comparison!

by:ILED     2020-03-04
The LED is here and will last for a long time, and it has been a while since incandescent lamps replaced candles, old oil and gas lamps.
All this was done with the support of a carbon cloth on his wife\'s sewing kit.
LED is currently used in gadgets such as televisions and utilities such as street lights and traffic lights.
GE has now opened up a light-emitting diode bulb for indoor lighting with the same cooling system as the jet engine
And measured Thomas Edison\'s birthday.
Some people say LED bulbs-
Vivid enough to learn
Twist to the normal bulb socket.
Philips and Osram siwania, two major manufacturers, plan to introduce 40
Should replace the current 60-watt LED bulb
Watt incandescent lamps before the end of the year.
GE is planning 60
Watt was sold in 2011.
GE is satisfied with the development of its members of the thermal control and cooling technology group, Mehmet Arik said that LEDs are basically the temperature sensitive chips you use in your pc
\"The higher the temperature you run them, the higher the efficiency \".
GE said it chose air-flow technology from airlines and power companies to get a low-cost outlet that is small enough to work in LED bulbs.
In the last 131 s, Thomas Edison\'s light bulb stood the test of time.
Buyers may not be ready to adopt a product that is different from the current bulb, even if the current bulb emits more heat than the light.
Therefore, our goal is to keep the familiar appearance of the LEDs bulb.
LEDs bulbs promise to get more light at a cheaper cost and save power significantly, which will result in less carbon footprint.
Saving energy, what is the cost of the bulb itself
Most people predict a maximum of $18 per person.
We have to predict and find out, I say.
As a personal observation, when I use the desk lamp in my daily work, I will definitely expect the LED to start up, and what is easier to see is a reward.
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