LED bulbs are the best lighting choice

by:ILED     2019-12-05
McCann NicholsonPeninsula News question: I am a fan of new LED bulbs as they seem to be more energy efficient than compact fluorescent lights.However, I am confused about the terms, the confusing packaging and the lack of labels.How can I compare the efficiency of one bulb to another?Also, is there a life cycle analysis of the overall environmental footprint of each bulb?Michael McChrystal, San Francisco, California, asked.A: Quiz: Watt, lumens, luminous efficiency and Kelvin temperature.Can anyone in the audience define each lighting term and the relationship between them?Is a 1200-Lumens bulb brighter or darker than 100Watt incandescent lamp?Will the \"warm\" light of 2780 K aggravate my tan eyes or will it make my skin look pale and swollen?And, are these sleek new $40 LED bulbs valid enough to justify the upfront cost?Like many consumers, you are looking for the perfect bulb: energy saving, environmental protection and cost saving.Confusing labels and terms, however, have left many buyers at a loss and may even lead to people buying evaded but familiar energy by default --Incandescent lamp.It turns out that the Federal Trade Commission has learned what you think.In 2011, all bulbs in the United States need to be labeled according to the nutrition label on the food package.I will compare the structure, performance and life cycle analysis of CFLs and LEDs in the basic answer.But what you need to know is that so you don\'t get stuck buying \"trans fat\" in the bulb world.
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