led bulbs at home (or how i fell in love with a light bulb)

by:ILED     2020-03-10
I have to admit that I am very excited about a light bulb.
More accurately, I am very excited about the price of the bulb.
Have a few minutes of free time to stop at one of my favorite hotels --
The box home store picks up a pipe of caulking agent.
Walking on the brightly lit island, the sales tag caught my eye.
Then it\'s there.
The big green label is pronounced 50%, pointing to 7.
5 w led bulb.
I almost fell.
I don\'t have LED bulbs in my house yet, but with this sales label, there will be one today.
This light bulb doesn\'t sell for $18, but today, big blessing-
The box is available for $9. 98.
I can finally witness and review the latest energy-saving bulbs.
You can see from the sales sheet that the price of the LED is $9.
98 and Alex ultra clear caulk sell for $4. 17.
What is $6?
Top charge at 00?
This is a CFL bulb with six packs and 13 watts.
Yes, they are also on sale.
So, let\'s calculate the cost of LED bulbs and CFL.
Considering the initial cost, the CFL is the choice of each wallet in the country.
How long can LED bulbs last?
Directly below the LED in the picture is the statement-
Up to 25,000 hours.
How long is it 25,000 hours?
Do some division 24 hours a day, you get 1000 days, divide again, 2. 74 years.
So, just on the packaging, it tells us that this bulb will light up our lives and burn for 2 minutes. 74 years.
Compare this to 10,000 hours of CFL and 1,000 hours of incandescent lamps, LED is the winner of the hour.
Look at the bottom left corner of the picture, look at the place mentioned above, 7. 5 W -
40 W, means that 1 LED bulb is equal to 25 incandescent lamps?
This means that in terms of energy use, in Watts and in 7.
5 w led is equivalent to the energy use of 40 W incandescent lamps.
This also shows that the life of an LED is equal to the life of 25 incandescent lamps.
Compared to 1000 hours of LED, the life of most of your incandescent lamps is 25,000 hours.
How bright is a 7. 5 w led bulb?
Looking at the picture again, the package gives a message of 450 lumens from this bulb.
Of course, how do we measure the power of light perceived by the human eye.
The more lumens, the brighter the light will be. Of course!
When choosing a bulb, what you might want to consider is the amount of lumens compared to Watt
Lumens per watt
With a large amount of liquidity and a small amount of Watt, energy efficiency will improve.
Another thing Lumen needs to consider is how much light your app needs.
Is the bulb you use in your home office where you need more light, or the one used in the ceiling fan for the other five bulbs, you don\'t need the bulb to be so bright.
Estimated energy costs this photo provides some basic information in one place that can be found on the outside of the package.
It lists lumens again, but extends information about energy costs in the next section.
Annual operating costs based on 3 hours per day and 11 cents per kilowatt hour: Compared to: what is a light look?
It makes us look relaxed.
Looking along the bottom, it has a line that says warm on the left and cool on the right?
Below this line, there is a small arrow on the left, shown at 3000 K.
This small chart gives us an indication of the color of the light produced.
This light-colored business, which refers to warm and cool light colors, reminds me of referring to a dry drink that basically makes no sense.
What we may need to keep in mind about light colors is: I often hear people say that they don\'t like CFL lights because the color is wrong, too yellow or too dark.
Well, they\'re not kidding, the color of the light may be slightly different
Some people are more sensitive to the color of light than others.
By focusing on the information on the bulb container, you can adjust the color of the lamp you purchased by noticing the warm and cool scale of the indicator Kelvin temperature.
What is the white soft bulb?
If we take the container and look at the top, we will see a sign that the bulb is considered soft and white, as it is 3000 K along the light View map or spectrum.
If a person wants a whiter or brighter colored light, they need to choose a bulb that is close to the 5000 K spectrum.
I will pay attention to Watt for my needs-
How bright the light is, I will pay attention to the cost.
The light color has nothing to do with me, and I pay little attention to soft, white, bright or anything called Kelvin.
In all the readings I \'ve done outside this LED light package, I \'ve been looking for an indication of whether this bulb is recommended for use in a closed fixture --
Like the one on my kitchen ceiling.
You know, the one that needs two bulbs, the one that you cover the lamp with a glass box.
I had to wait until I actually purchased the lights and turned the package on.
There, written on the bulb itself is a hard-to-read announcement stating that the bulb cannot be used in a fully enclosed fixture.
I always like it when simple instructions use gorgeous words.
Perhaps the word \"lamps\" is better for French customers.
In most cases, when it is not recommended to use a bulb in a closed fixture, this is because heat accumulates, is enclosed in the enclosure and shortens the life of the bulb.
Heat is the enemy of all bulbs.
Fortunately, the bulb was designed to burn out and cool before the fire hazard.
The glass part of the LED bulb is kept cool and easy to handle even if it is turned on for a long time.
However, the bottom of the LED is hot and uncomfortable to touch.
There is ventilation around any bulb, so heat dissipation is important for the life of the bulb.
I think it is very interesting that this information is only written on the bulb itself and does not appear with other information on the package.
I think they want to drive a fast train on us!
Here\'s what I\'m going to do about LED bulbs.
I put the LED in the light of the family room.
It is brighter than the similar size CFL it replaced and seems to make the whole room a little brighter.
I\'m looking forward to getting more LED and trying it out elsewhere.
It\'s nice to know that every sign points to probability and I don\'t have to swap that luminar again in my lifetime.
Thank you for coming over, hope this article is inspired and come back soon, but I won\'t leave luminar for you.
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